Steps to Remanufacturing a Copeland AC Compressor

At Compressors Unlimited, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of remanufactured and new compressors, replacement parts, and accessories that fit different air conditioning and refrigeration systems. But what sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to our customers. Our remanufactured products are built with our customers’ needs in mind. Our compressors deliver maximum efficiency, reliability, and durability while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Remanufacturing a compressor is not a simple task. However, our technicians have the necessary knowledge, qualifications, and experience to upgrade existing compressors to the latest engineering standards and technical advances.

To exemplify our complex, thorough, rigorous, and effective remanufacturing process, let’s go through all the steps our technicians take every time they remanufacture a Copeland compressor.  

Step #1: Disassembly

When a Copeland compressor arrives at our facility, the refrigerant or the refrigerant-oil mixture is drained and adequately disposed of. All the parts, including the motor, are completely removed from the compressor. Every single component is visually inspected and carefully measured with highly sensitive gages to ensure it meets the current OEM tolerances. The bare casting is also checked for any visible defects. Specific items, such as the bearings, piston rings, and valve reeds, as well as the parts that don’t pass our initial inspection, are discarded as scrap. The components that meet the current OEM dimensional specifications are sent on for cleaning and processing.   

Step #2: Cleaning

The cleaning phase is a multi-stage process, which involves heating cast iron components at very high temperatures until grease, dirt, and paint are burnt off. Additional cleaning methods include pressure washing and/or shot blasting, followed by part resurfacing, grinding, sanding, and polishing. If required, corrosion-inhibiting treatments can also be applied to the compressor casting and other hardware elements. Because we don’t use chemicals that are harmful to the environment, our cleaning process is environmentally friendly.

Step #3: Requalification

After the cleaning phase, our technicians check the components to assure that all particles of dirt, blasting media, and traces of rust and corrosion have been removed. The components with any marks and scratches are remachined. When remanufacturing a Copeland compressor, our technicians also inspect all the cylinders. Depending on their condition, certain operations, such as sleeving, boring, and re-honing, might be required. All the components, including the items that have been upgraded and the new replacement parts, are dimensionally inspected again to ensure full compliance with the latest OEM tolerances and standards.

The motor is also disassembled. If the stator doesn’t pass our tests, it is rewound, dipped in varnish, and encapsulated. At Compressors Unlimited, our technicians use modern winding techniques that can handle large stator windings with accuracy. As well, our varnish impregnation system ensures optimum varnish penetration inside the stator slots and adequate bonding between the elements. All motors are tested in order to guarantee good conductivity through all soldered connections and reliable start-up under load.   

Step #4: Reassembly

After the requalification process, all the parts that will be included in the Copeland compressor are prepared for the assembly line. Then, the crankshafts, rods, pistons, bolts, valve plates, and all other items are assembled, torqued to OEM specifications where applicable, and tested at different stages. Also, the tolerances and specifications pertaining to each part and sub-assembly of components are carefully checked.

Step #5: Quality Control and Testing

Once reassembled, the compressor is subjected to pressurized submersion leak test, electrical ground fault testing, and full-load run testing to assure proper functioning. Detailed monitoring and recording procedures on amps, oil pressures, vibrations, and valve efficiency are also performed. After all test phases have been completed successfully, our technicians verify the results against approved OEM procedures and datasheets to make sure that each remanufactured Copeland compressor is meeting the acceptance range for adiabatic efficiency, surge points, power consumption, etc.   

Step #6: Finishing

Once a remanufactured Copeland compressor has passed our tests and met all of our quality checks, it is spray-painted. Then, all the required labels and tags containing unit-specific information are affixed to the compressor. Gasket kits are also provided with each compressor, for the type of equipment specified by our customers. Final quality checks are performed before the compressor is packed for shipping.

Because we are confident in the quality of our workmanship and of the parts we use, Compressors Unlimited offers a 12-month limited warranty, from the date of purchase, on every Copeland compressor that we remanufacture.

If you’re looking for a remanufactured Copeland compressor, our dedicated sales team is available to provide you with the advice and support you might need in order to select the right compressor model for your application. Please don’t hesitate to call us today at 972-286-2264!


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