Remanufactured Rotary Screw Compressors – Dairy Farmers Choice

industrial compressors for dairy farm

Dairy farms are among the leading users of commercial refrigeration equipment, yet are often last to come to mind when you ask the average consumer. The intensive refrigeration needs of a dairy farm means it can have some of the highest cooling expenses per square foot of any business.

Dairy products are subject to strict refrigeration standards, which can sometimes be tougher than the rules that apply for meat. Raw milk and milk products, for instance, must be maintained at 45°F or less. Temperatures well below this amount are necessary to protect the quality of Grade A milk.

Even the briefest rise in temperature can render dairy unsafe to sell. Bacteria can begin to build up with just a few degrees of variance from the target temperature. With that in mind, dairy refrigeration systems must be reliable enough to withstand 24-hour use and serviceable enough to prevent issues from affecting products.

Many dairies have been expanding their capacity in recent months, as dairy product consumption is on the rise in 2023 compared to the last five years. The challenge? Farms need to find a cost-effective way to grow while still keeping overhead under control. That means having plans ready to replace their industrial refrigeration compressors as needed.

Remanufactured rotary screw compressors provide the solution.

Rotary Screw Compressors Meet Dairy Farmers’ Performance Needs

A rotary screw compressor consists of two closely-mated screws within a housing. One screw is driven by the motor and turns the other. They come in oil-injected and oil-free designs, both of which can prove superior to other types of compressors in demanding environments with continuous operation.

Dairy farmers have a unique need to optimize the space available to them, which can make the rotary screw compressor a much better bet than the more common reciprocating compressors. Yet, because reciprocating compressors are still the most common, many dairy leaders aren’t familiar with the differences.

Here’s why dairies should take a close look at rotary screw compressors:


Rotary screw compressors are generally among the most efficient you can get, with a noticeable difference in their performance at higher capacities. Their continuous compression cycle reduces energy waste, enabling savings without sacrificing performance.


With less mechanical friction and fewer moving parts, rotary screw compressors are likely to maintain a high degree of performance well into their life cycle. They’re especially noteworthy for their effective handling of thermal stress, a crucial difference when it comes to high-volume refrigeration.

Reduced Noise

Rotary screw compressors create a better working environment thanks to their quieter operation. Less vibration means they are less noisy. This also gives you the opportunity to position your rotary screw compressor in areas that might be unsuitable for a reciprocating commercial compressor.


Rotary screw compressors can be designed to work across a broad range of conditions, and when you find the right one for you, you can rest assured it will meet the standards of excellence your company and customers count on. Variable-speed operation is just one of many advanced features these compressors often include.

Smooth Operation

Smooth, continuous operation with fewer pressure fluctuations is frequently cited as one of the top reasons to choose a rotary screw compressor. By helping your equipment last longer, it’s just one more way you might end up with a lower cost of ownership when you buy a rotary screw compressor.

Size and Weight

Rotary screw compressors have the potential to be smaller and lighter for a given cooling capacity than a commercial piston compressor with comparable performance. That makes them easier to install and is another perk when you’re working with limited floor space at a busy dairy facility.

A Remanufactured Commercial Compressor Helps You Save More Money

Today’s commercial compressors are more durable and reliable than ever before. Sooner or later, though, they will need to be replaced. As compressors reach the middle of their 8-10 year lifespan, you’ll often see that they require more repairs, use more power, and may have a growing list of performance issues.

Without your industrial compressor, your dairy refrigeration system comes to a stop – so it’s wise to head off issues when they’re still easy to deal with. One way to extend the life of your system is through thorough, well-documented maintenance. The other is by knowing where to go when you need a replacement compressor.

Remanufactured commercial compressors meet your needs at a fraction of the cost by using your compressor core as the basis of your new system. The compressor is disassembled and all necessary part replacements are made. The unit is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets all your performance and environmental commitments.

Need a dairy compressor that’s ready for another ten years? For most of today’s modern dairies, a rotary screw compressor is your best bet, and remanufacturing gives you the most value.


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