Refigeration Compressors – Vital to Grocery Stores

Refrigeration Compressor for Grocery StoresGrocery stores are unique among common neighborhood businesses for their high refrigeration needs.

Not only do grocery stores dedicate more square footage to refrigeration than the average business, but they also utilize a wider variety of refrigeration systems. For example, smaller commercial compressor units are often chained together to provide support for cooled cases and displays.

According to research by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it is very common for refrigeration needs to account for 40% of total energy use in a grocery store. The need for cooling competes with the heat generated by lights, HVAC systems, and appliances. Proactive energy management is essential to success.

So, too, is anticipating refrigeration demand and meeting it effectively.

Much of a grocery store’s refrigeration output is focused on three categories of food:

  • Meat, including beef, chicken, pork, and seafood

  • Dairy items, especially milk, also including cheese

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

Refrigeration is crucial for all of these products. Beef must be maintained below 40 degrees, ideally below 32 degrees. Bacteria may proliferate rapidly above the target temperature. Other meat products have their own standards, generally more lenient, though seafood can be even more challenging to refrigerate.

A single brief failure in the cooling system can leave all of these sensitive items unsuitable for sale.

While the effect of cooling failure is most noticeable on meat and dairy products, people are also alert to the feel and appearance of produce. Slight discoloration which may not indicate any danger to the consumer is nonetheless enough to ensure that a product will not be selected.

With all this in mind, grocery stores of all sizes require effective, budget-friendly refrigeration solutions.

By and large, those solutions are provided by remanufactured commercial compressor units.

Remanufactured Commercial Compressors Allow Grocers to Plan Ahead and Weather Emergencies

Compressor technicians understand that the lifespan of any one compressor is not infinite. Whether it is in a refrigeration system or an HVAC system, it will eventually need to be replaced. Maintenance enables these units to get around eight years of peak performance before an inevitable decline sets in.

It is always a wise idea to monitor compressor performance and prepare for replacement.

But this becomes a significant challenge in the case of businesses that rely on dozens or even hundreds of distinct commercial compressors. Even a neighborhood grocery store with one front room and a few cooled cases may have ten or more compressors in use. There is always more than meets the public eye due to back room freezer storage.

Depending on its size and performance characteristics, an individual compressor can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Yet, even this hefty price pales in comparison to the possibility of losing several days of inventory in the event of a major failure. Preparing for compressor turnover is an essential part of any budget.

In general, grocery stores plan around this need in two ways:

  • Improving the energy and cooling efficiency of the environment to extend compressor life

  • Designing and implementing cooling systems where individual failures have limited effects

These methods are helpful, but they represent only part of the puzzle. At any given time, 10% to 20% of a grocer’s entire compressor fleet could be nearing end-of-life. It is very rare for a commercial compressor to maintain adequate operation as it enters its tenth year of service, should it get there at all.

Remanufactured commercial compressors are the key to saving money and elevating performance.

The complete remanufacturing process ensures a compressor delivers performance and longevity comparable to an all-new unit from an OEM-affiliated wholesaler. The unit is fully disassembled and components are replaced as needed. The interior and exterior are cleaned and the reassembled unit is tested under load.

Working with a reputable remanufacturing company, it is not unusual to save 20%, 30%, or more on a compressor that meets the needs of a commercial refrigeration system.

What’s more, turnaround time is reduced by several weeks – and in some cases, one to two months.

Copeland Remanufactured Compressors Are a Mainstay of Today’s Grocery Industry

Partnering with a remanufacturing team means you have access to a wide variety of compressor makes and models from all the top brands. While there are many options you can choose from, grocery stores have been holding Copeland brand compressors in reserve more and more often.

Copeland is a reliable U.S.-based brand with a long history of excellent performance and innovation. The Copeland 3DB3A100ETFC (also listed as Copeland 3DB3R12METFC) is a popular selection because of its high power, compact footprint, and trusted semi-hermetic architecture. It is easy to install, optimize, and service.

Those traits make it a cost-effective choice for many grocers.

Remanufactured Copeland compressors have helped grocery stores of all sizes throughout the country protect their operations by making it affordable to stock emergency replacement hardware on-site. Your suppliers, customers, and employees will appreciate your forethought!


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