It’s Getting Hotter- Why Spare Parts Are Important

When it comes to extreme heat, your commercial compressor systems are on the front lines. External heat is always a factor in your efficiency. It impacts energy usage, performance, and overall service life.

Every commercial compressor unit is rated for optimal performance within a specific climate band. But now, our understanding of what temperatures, humidity levels, and other conditions are expected in a given area are changing fast. This will have a major effect on compressors.

Even if your commercial compressors are brand new, they will likely face significant challenges as temperatures rise in the coming years. Locations from coast to coast are seeing record temperatures, and this is only the beginning. Overall, temperature patterns in the U.S. are changing measurably.

Some recent research demonstrates how serious the impact may be.

The Center of the U.S. May See More Extreme Heat than Ever in Coming Years

A lot of the worst news in recent record temperatures has come out of coastal states like California and Florida or those with a long history of striking high temperatures, such as Texas. But research from the nonprofit First Street Foundation shows just how far-reaching the situation could be.

Up until recently, Central Plains states, including Illinois and Kansas, have largely been spared major high-temperature events. But scientists suggest that new temperature patterns are developing in America’s heartland – they have simply been slower to emerge than in some other areas.

In a region stretching from Louisiana and Texas up through the Great Lakes, researchers anticipate that residents will experience “Death Valley-like” conditions of 125°F on a regular basis by 2053. The 125° figure is based on the “heat index temperature,” also known as the “feels like” temperature.

The heat index is an estimation of how hot a given temperature feels to a human observer, based not only on the specific temperature but humidity and wind conditions. As a general rule, higher humidity will lead to a higher heat index reading compared to identical temperatures at lower humidity.

After a hugely sweltering summer not only in the United States but in many places around the world, we know many of our customers are breathing a sigh of relief. But now is the time to think seriously about how cooling and refrigeration systems can be made more resilient against extreme heat.

Avoiding Worst Case Scenarios with Your Commercial Compressors

The serious climate outcomes that experts have been sounding the alarm about for years are starting to be felt now. Extreme temperatures can cause your commercial compressor to work harder, so they may contribute to reduced service life and higher costs of ownership.

But that doesn’t mean you have no options for protecting your investment. In fact, there are three areas where you have a high degree of influence over what happens next. The key is taking action now, with a focus on these three crucial considerations:

1. Commercial Compressor Spare Parts

Dollar-for-dollar commercial compressor spare parts are among the best ways to use your facility’s budget. Many of the most important commercial compressor spare parts are just a few ounces in weight and a few inches around, but they make the difference between repairing a compressor or replacing it.

When a compressor goes down, seconds count. Depending on your industry, you could be looking at thousands or even millions of dollars in inventory losses. Having commercial compressor spare parts stocked in advance of a problem means you can act quickly and get equipment back online.

It’s worthwhile to discuss your setup with a team of compressor experts. A trusted commercial compressor remanufacturing group can help plan out your spare parts stockpile based on the common issues that arise with a particular brand or model of compressor.

2. Commercial Compressor Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial if you want to enjoy the full eight to ten years or more of work you can expect from a modern commercial compressor. Yes, all compressors lose some degree of efficiency as they age, but compressor maintenance gives you greater control of the situation and helps you avoid surprises. With weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance checks, you can keep things running smoothly and maximize the compressor life span.  

3. Remanufactured Commercial Compressors

A remanufactured commercial compressor undergoes a complete engineering process to ensure that it offers quality and environmental performance comparable to an all-new unit from an OEM wholesaler.

Because a remanufactured compressor is often available at a discount of 10%, 20%, 30%, or more, it can put redundancy within reach without stretching your budget to the breaking point. If replacing a compressor becomes inevitable, this is the most efficient way to do it.

The coming years are poised to turn up the heat on your commercial refrigeration and HVAC systems. By taking the right actions now, you can avert costly shutdowns and business disruption in the not-too-distant future.


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