Carrier Compound Cooling – What Is It

Over the last few years, commercial compressor manufacturers have gone above and beyond when it comes to improving the performance and energy efficiency of their equipment. But if you want truly optimized output with lower cost of ownership, you must be sure you have the right tool for the job.

Compressor designs are becoming more specialized, allowing commercial and industrial organizations to tackle unusual challenges without breaking the bank. Two areas that have seen growth are very low and very high-temperature compressor applications.

While compressors have always been rated for a certain temperature band, anyone with experience in compressor operation knows that models intended for extreme temperatures tend to have more issues. They require careful maintenance and may provide a shorter service than other compressors.

As the average compressor now runs for anywhere from eight to ten years – up about one full year from just ten years ago – keeping your compressors in service longer significantly benefits your budget. One compressor manufacturer taking this seriously is Carrier.

Carrier is moving its brand forward into the future with its latest design updates and upgrades: Carrier Compound Cooling compressors are making waves as a terrific solution for compressors that need to operate at the lowest temperatures.

Carrier Compound Cooling Two-Stage Compressors Achieve Greater Efficiency than Ever Before

Through its subsidiary Carlyle – best known for its role in early air conditioning here in the United States – Carrier is introducing a slate of compound cooling two-stage compressors that will outperform the rest under extreme temperature conditions. Their approach to this challenge is something totally new.

What makes a compressor “compound cooling”? The innovative design means you are literally getting two compressors in one: high and low stages are built in, so you can make the best of both situations. Its narrow seat valve design also enhances its low-temperature efficiency.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most helpful features these compressors have to offer:

1. Designed for the Lowest Temperature Applications

On a daily basis, Carrier Compound Cooling compressors can operate down to -60°F (-51°C). For special applications, they can go lower for a shorter period of time: -100°F (-73°C). With a reliable, robust design and unparalleled cold temperature operation, this model can truly be an ideal choice.

2. Adaptable and Optimized for 5HP to 30HP Applications

Carrier Compound Cooling compressors are compatible with both HCFC and HFC applications, enabling you to make the most of your stockpile and smooth the transition to the next generation of refrigerants. Optimized for 5HP to 30HP, they can be used in single, parallel, and multiplexed architecture.

3. Superior Savings Coupled with Long-Term Reliability

The modern two-stage design of the Carrier Compound Cooling compressor equips it to deliver lower compression ratios, increased capacity, and lower applied costs. Part of the cost savings comes from the ability to apply lower horsepower motors to get the job done.

4. Minimal Liquid Temperature Fluctuation

The introduction of liquid subcooling helps keep down liquid temperature fluctuation to TXVs. This is helpful for improving the performance of systems that incorporate floating condensing temperatures. It’s just one more of the many ways Carrier brings system operation to the next level.

While many brands are looking ahead to a future where compressors may need to operate under warmer ambient temperatures, it’s critical not to overlook the importance of low-temperature applications, especially in specialized industrial environments. With Carrier Compound Cooling, it becomes possible to meet your operational needs at a lower cost in a more condensed footprint.

Enhance Carrier Value by Getting Your Carrier Compound Compressor Remanufactured

Sometimes, the only thing better than the right Carrier commercial compressor is the same compressor at an even better price. The easiest way to source a reliable, high-performance Carrier compressor at a lower cost is to take advantage of commercial compressor remanufacturing.

A fully remanufactured compressor undergoes a complete engineering process to ensure it meets all environmental and performance standards – and you can rely on it for another 8-10 years of work, as you would if you sourced an all-new unit from an OEM-affiliated wholesaler.

During remanufacturing, a compressor is completely disassembled. It is cleaned inside and out and all necessary component replacements are made. Each step of the way, the compressor is tested to verify full functionality. Finally, it is tested in simulated real-world conditions.

The end result is typically a discount of 10%, 20%, 30%, or even more off the manufacturer’s price. At the same time, orders can be fulfilled weeks or even months earlier. That’s possible thanks to a much more consolidated supply chain and the remanufacturer’s existing stock.

With remanufacturing, you get cutting-edge Carrier technology without the cutting-edge price. That’s the only thing cooler than your new compressor’s operating temperatures.


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