How Remanufactured Compressors Can Improve Your Bottom Line by Increasing Energy Efficiency

The longer your compressors are in service, the more worn down they get. Out in the field, you may not recognize the loss of efficiency that happens over time because the change is so subtle and it takes such a long time to reach troublesome levels. In fact, it is not uncommon to see teams using compressors that are working at only 20-30% of their original efficiency because they have just gotten used to the system aging. The good news is that remanufactured compressors offer a simple way to regain energy efficiency overnight.

Replacing Worn Out Parts

Compressors are made up of many moving parts, along with a variety of gaskets and seals that are required to keep the system pressurized. As compressors age, parts begin to wear down, allowing air to escape all along the way. While you may still be getting compressed air at your end of the line, it is hard to measure just how much is being lost. This causes the system to run longer and harder to make up the difference. A remanufactured compressor is built with a mix of new and recycled parts and returned to original manufacturer specs to ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency with as little loss as possible. Unlike rebuilt compressors where the rebuilder fixes one or two problems in the compressor, remanufactured compressors have only new or certified recycled replacement parts to achieve like new status.

Cut Down Time

One of the biggest problems with loss of efficiency in your compressors is that it also leads to excessive downtime among your team members. Waiting on the compressor to do its job means that you are clocking labor hours when no work can be completed. In addition, if your compressors are needing regular repairs, you could have excessive wasted time chewing up your monthly budget. Remanufactured compressors can eliminate this waste altogether by ensuring that all compressors are up and running in a timely manner and that your entire crew can be working without having to wait around. Less wasted time leads to a healthier bottom line.

Control Repair Costs

How many times do you repair a compressor before it is time to replace it? Oftentimes we see companies continuing to service old compressors, long after they have become obsolete and their parts are difficult to find. Sometimes companies continue to service old and damaged compressors, even knowing that the repaired compressor will still only offer 30-40% efficiency. We have found that companies try to keep patching things up because the cost of buying a brand new compressor seems too high. In truth, a remanufactured compressor gives you access to the same performance as a new one at a lower price. In addition, you might be blown away by the sheer amount of efficiency and cost savings you gain when you replace your worn out unit. Those gains alone are usually enough to recoup the cost of the replacement in no time at all. Plus, you won’t have to worry about recurring repairs that can disrupt your ability to get any work done at all.

The efficiency of your compressors can have profound impacts on your bottom line – you can save money with remanufactured. From the energy lost to the lost time, it simply costs more to run an old compressor, even after it has been repaired repeatedly. Quality remanufactured compressors offer an affordable way to upgrade your facility and cut down on waste at every turn. Your facility will benefit from more work being completed in less time, and compressors that can cycle effectively without having to overrun to make up for losses. For more information about remanufactured compressors for your industry and energy regulations, contact Compressors Unlimited today and speak with one of our team members.


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