How Remanufactured Compressors Can Save Your Company Money on Taxes

remanufactured compressors save money

Commercial Compressors Save MoneyOdds are that you already know some of the most important benefits of a well-maintained or remanufactured commercial compressor unit. Your compressor can significantly reduce the amount of electricity you must use to support your commercial refrigeration and commercial air conditioning systems.

Businesses that rely on 100% uptime for sophisticated refrigeration systems must have a plan in mind for all contingencies. That includes ongoing care for the unit and its eventual replacement. Many enterprises have several active compressor units at once, complicating the issue.

But the benefits of a good compressor aren’t limited only to operational savings.

Did you know you can also save money on your tax bill with the right commercial compressor?

The Rarely Investigated Connection Between Taxes and Compressor Performance

There are many business expenses you can control, but taxes are among the most challenging. The tax code has been changing faster than ever. Opportunities appear and then disappear again on a regular basis, and many of them require lots of accounting muscle to take advantage of.

In one case, however, tax savings are as simple as buying a remanufactured compressor.

Carbon tax is levied on a wide range of businesses that use equipment generating carbon dioxide emissions. These taxes are collected to support programs aimed at reducing the environmental impact of carbon dioxide’s release into the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is the best known of the greenhouse gasses implicated in ozone damage and anthropogenic climate change. It makes sense to provide a market incentive to discourage them, but many businesses have no choice but to use equipment that releases them.

Over the last decade, refrigeration technology has advanced to significantly reduce the emissions associated with compressor use. The next generation of refrigerants promises to curb them even further. But as of right now, the carbon tax is a substantial expense for many businesses.

A remanufactured compressor gives you the opportunity to lower your costs.  A Carrier 06ET265360 is a great example of a quality compressor that is remanufactured by Compressors Unlimited that offers an affordable price. 

Simply put, better compressor performance means lower emissions and fewer taxes.  Our line of screw compressors, including the York DXS 45 and Trane CHHN060, delivers the performance that many customers need. 

Maximizing Your Carbon Tax Savings as a Business User of Compressor Systems

As long as you are using fuels derived from oil, gas, or coal, your business will face some level of entanglement with the carbon tax. Still, you have the power to potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in taxes by optimizing your use of compressor systems.

A remanufactured compressor provides the best value when it comes to carbon tax savings.

You might think that a new OEM compressor would provide the best environmental performance. That’s certainly what you will hear if you contact  OEM brands directly, but extensive university-based research has shown that it is not the case.

According to a groundbreaking study released by Curtin University in Australia, a remanufactured unit can produce much less greenhouse gas than a comparable OEM compressor.

The results aren’t even close: The remanufactured compressors tested produced anywhere from 89% to 93% lower emissions compared to their OEM counterparts.

This adds up to a substantial difference for many businesses, such as supermarkets that must rely on hundreds of different compressors. The biggest performance differences are observed when comparing screw, scroll, and semi-hermetic compressors.

Don’t Overlook “Hidden Savings” From Your Remanufactured Compressor

The remanufacturing process uses performance benchmarks that meet or exceed the original sepcifications as a guideline but isn’t limited to them. All in all, you can expect significant savings in your cost of operations combined with a lower tax obligation, effectively keeping money within your business.

On top of that, you will have less to worry about when it comes to compressor disposal. Disposal can be a challenging and resource-intensive process with many directives to follow, but your remanufacturing team can help you control those costs.

Compared to buying an all-new compressor unit directly from the OEM, you’ll get a far faster turnaround with a remanufacturer you trust. You can also achieve major savings versus the sticker price of a comparable OEM model, typically 30% less.

The long-term benefits of your remanufacturer relationship shouldn’t be missed, either.

Every compressor unit will eventually lose performance quality and fail. With the right approach to maintenance, however, more of these units can remain in service closer to their maximum life, usually around 20 years. Achieving this requires extra care starting at the ten-year mark.

When you choose a remanufacturer that understands your industry and needs, you have a team that can diligently advise you on the best way to get great value from your existing equipment.

With manufacturing centers and supply chains in disarray, OEM compressor units are climbing in price at a time when businesses need to conserve their cash. If you are wondering how to cut controllable costs, take the bold step of looking twice at the carbon tax and all the costs that are intimately connected with it. A remanufactured compressor unit is a way to get there.


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