Finding the Right Spare Parts for Your Semi-Hermetic Commercial Compressor

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The main purpose of a semi-hermetic compressor is serviceability. Thanks to the convenient design of the compressor, you can always access it for maintenance or repairs. Diagnosing common problems becomes a matter of just a few minutes, and you often don’t need to send the unit out to get fixed.

With all that in mind, it’s crucial to have all of the spare parts you need!

Having a stock of commercial compressor spare parts on hand will save you time and money in the future. It’s often the difference between having to call for an on-site maintenance visit from a third party versus being able to do the work yourself, if you are experienced with baisc repairs, at a small fraction of the cost.

In addition to compatible refrigerant oil, it’s a wise idea to have unloaders, valve plates, crankcase heaters, piston rings, bearings, service valves, and gaskets on hand. Each of these components is fairly inexpensive on its own and it is not necessary to have a large stock of any one of them.

But some redundancy is better than none at all. As the Navy SEALS say, “Two is one and one is none.”

The big question becomes: Where should you buy commercial compressor spare parts?

Buying Compressor Spare Parts from an OEM-Affiliated Service Technician or Wholesaler

Compressor manufacturers have different rules in place when it comes to their service network.

Some of them are extremely strict as far as their quality standards, while others are more light-handed. It might seem like a good idea to make sure you have 100% verified OEM parts, but this is often just a way for the brand to control owners’ maintenance practices and keep prices high.

These factors all mean you won’t always get the best deal from OEM-affiliated businesses.

Just as with any other major purchase, compare your options before you commit. Some compressor brands have a very wide service network and you may be able to find someone who can offer you a good bargain. However, that can leave you spending a lot of time searching for parts.

Ideally, you should stock up on the most common but basic parts when you first purchase the compressor. By documenting any part replacements or failures throughout the compressor’s life, you can analyze the root cause of problems. This lets you pinpoint problems in the environment so you can extend the life of your commercial compressor.

To get the best deal, it’s good to look beyond the beaten path for your compressor parts.

Buying Compressor Spare Parts from a Trusted Commercial Compressor Remanufacturer

A reliable commercial compressor remanufacturer is your best ally in finding the right parts.

The entire process of remanufacturing a compressor requires access to every component part that goes into the compressor. Every unit that comes in for remanufacturing must be completely disassembled, then cleaned out, rebuilt, and comprehensively tested every step of the way.

In the testing process, any internal part that does not meet the highest quality standards is removed and replaced with one that does. The end result is a unit that adheres to all applicable environmental and quality standards – but that does not necessarily mean 100% OEM parts are used throughout.

Functionally identical parts can be used that may be 50% less expensive than OEM parts.

This is one of the many reasons why a commercial compressor remanufacturer with a good supply chain and strong industry relationships can save you so much money. It is not unusual to get a savings of 10%, 20%, 30%, or even more when you go remanufactured.

Not only that, but the whole process is faster.

No matter whether you need an all-new unit or a bevy of replacement parts, a remanufacturer can act more quickly than an OEM or service center. That’s because the team already has all of the components on hand – as well as the ability to test them and make sure they work.

No Matter If Your Compressor Is New or Old, You Need Replacement Compressor Parts

With regular maintenance, you can get around ten years of work out of the average new compressor. But it will need to be replaced sooner or later, and that’s when remanufacturing can help you the most.

At Compressors Unlimited, our team has years of experience with top commercial compressor brands. Even if you are many years away from shopping that replacement compressor, we will help you stock up on all the parts you need – based on what works to keep your brand of compressor going strong.

No matter what supplier you choose to use, always be sure you never find yourself short-handed when it comes to parts. The right part at the right time can save you thousands of dollars by empowering you to fix your compressor in minutes rather than hours, protecting the continuity of your entire business.


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