Bitzer Refrigeration Compressor: Keeping the Food Industry Cool

Maintaining proper food temperature is crucial to ensuring safety and protecting perishable goods from loss. It should come as no surprise modern food safety standards are high, but even a slight variance in temperature can lead to expensive waste.

Commercial refrigeration compressors and air conditioning compressors work together to ensure that grocers and others dealing in perishable items can protect their patrons. Refrigeration systems may come to mind first, but air conditioning systems are just as valuable in sustaining temperatures.

The larger your refrigeration system is and the more intensive your needs, the more critical it is to make sure you know what to do about waste heat. Waste heat taxes your air conditioning and adds more overhead to the #1 category of expenses for grocery stores.

All in all, refrigeration and lighting represent about 65% of total energy use for grocers. These figures remain high for other businesses that deal in perishable food items, such as restaurants. Even corporate and university campuses with relatively small cafeterias can have major demands.

A feedback loop is in play here. Many forms of electric lighting, other than LED bulbs, generate a great deal of heat. That adds to the heat externalized by refrigeration equipment. Without sound air conditioning, your equipment will work harder, cost more, and generally fail sooner.

That raises the question: Which commercial compressor is the best one to meet your needs?

The Bitzer Air Conditioning Compressor Is Your Best Bet for Food Industry Cooling

If you are replacing a commercial compressor, it is almost always best to get one identical to the one you had. However, there are times you may need to switch brands or build out a new system. If you have the option, be sure you consider Bitzer commercial air conditioning compressors.

Bitzer air conditioning compressors will reduce the risk you face in your business. In an environment where a compressor malfunction can cost thousands of dollars, the air conditioning compressor is the silent partner that adds greater reliability to your refrigeration system as a whole.

Bitzer commercial compressors may not always have the name recognition of some of the other guys. But this German-based company is one of the world leaders in compressor technology. With its high level of performance, reliability, and energy efficiency, it is gaining traction in the U.S. every day.

With almost 90 years of experience in the compressor space, Bitzer has created a full selection of both commercial air conditioning and refrigeration compressors. However, it is best known stateside for air conditioning products, which are trusted by large businesses throughout the United State’s South and Southwestern states.

With soaring temperatures and unpredictable weather, having a good air conditioning system on your side is more important than ever. When peak demand hits, there are two outcomes you always want to avoid on your industrial or commercial air conditioning system:

  • It fails unexpectedly, turning your environment uncomfortable for you and the public
  • It draws enormous amounts of power, causing your energy bill to spike during the day

Bitzer’s European origins actually work in its favor when it comes to energy efficiency. This company has been dealing with precise and demanding environmental standards years longer than many of its top rivals. When you buy Bitzer equipment, you know it will be future-proof in environmental impact.

Of course, to reduce a compressor’s carbon footprint, it needs to be thoughtfully designed at all levels.

With this in mind, you’ll soon discover it has reduced demands during peak hours, lowering your total cost of ownership. Engineering innovations can be found from top to bottom in a Bitzer commercial AC compressor. Greater mechanical efficiency means less work and thus, more savings.

Three Big Reasons You Should Consider Bitzer in Any Environment with Perishable Materials

1. Reduced Maintenance Needs

Bitzer compressors stand out for being extremely easy to use and care for. All you need to do is establish and follow a basic maintenance routine. Should issues arise, they are easy to pinpoint and usually simple to solve. All this means, is a Bitzer compressor remains productive far into its working life.

2. High Component Durability

High quality internal parts ensure that a Bitzer rarely breaks down, even if the unexpected happens in the working environment. While it remains crucial to keep contaminants away from your compressor, you’ll be impressed by how effectively a Bitzer can operate under less than optimal conditions.

3. Reliability

Bitzer was among the first companies around to start incorporating advanced software into its compressors. Many of its models come with sophisticated self-diagnostic capabilities. They will tie effectively into your building management system, helping you head off issues.

To get the most from your Bitzer, always consider a remanufactured commercial compressor. A remanufactured Bitzer compressor meets all the performance and environmental standards you’d expect from an all-new unit at just a fraction of the cost.


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