Danfoss Compressors: A Comparison Guide

Danfoss Compressors_ A Comparison Guide (1)Danfoss is one of the older HVAC engineering firms on the market. In their 85-year history, the company has made undeniable contributions in terms of innovation and ingenuity to the HVAC industry. This Danish firm pioneered the thermostats used in refrigeration and brought frequency converters to the mass market. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the company also produces some of the most reliable HVAC compressors available on the market.

Along with property maintenance, installing a new Danfoss compressor guarantees you years of excellent service. Danfoss compressors are also easy to service and maintain, thanks to their simple design and readily available parts.

Read on for a quick comparison of the design, performance, reliability, and cost of the main Danfoss compressors.

Danfoss H Series – Multipurpose Scroll Compressors

Danfoss scroll compressors have been around for a while. The H-series is normally used in residential and light commercial applications, while the S-series is recommended for large commercial and light commercial platforms.

You can tell the intended application of any H-series Danfoss compressor based on the nomenclature. For instance, any models with an R as the second initial are residential compressors. Those with a C are for commercial compressors, while those with an L are for light commercial compressors.

Some of the models in this series include:

Danfoss HCM120T4. From the model number, this compressor is meant to be used in large commercial HVAC applications. The HCM120T4 is a multipurpose scroll compressor with 34,95W/119260Btu/H cooling capacity. The compressor has a 3.42 coefficient of performance and an 11.7 energy efficiency ratio.

Danfoss HLM075T4. This is another scroll H-series compressor designed for light commercial applications. This model has a 22,120W/75,480 cooling capacity. The HLM075T has a 3.43 coefficient of performance and an 11.7 energy efficiency ratio.

Danfoss HRM025T4. This is one of the basic compressor units meant for residential applications. The model has a 7090W/24,200 cooling capacity, a 3.2 coefficient of performance, and a 10.9 energy efficiency ratio.

There are over fifty scroll compressor models to choose from the H series. Here is what you should expect from these Danfoss compressors:

i) A simple design with easily replaceable parts

H-series compressors employ a simple operational mechanism. The major components in the unit are the orbiting scroll, rotor & stator, lower bearing, and the electrical terminals. This makes servicing or remanufacturing an H-series compressor quite easy.

The compressors are designed to run without assistance, provided they have the right voltages, and electrical connections are made properly.

ii) Danfoss H series compressors can be deployed in tandem

The compressors use a static oil balancing principle to equalize oil levels between the paired compressors using gravity.

iii) Single compressors come with flexible grommets to be used for mounting purposes

It is recommended to mount a single H-series compressor with a flexible grommet. Tandem installations should use rigid mounting spacers.

iv) H-series compressors produce the least noise while in operation

The compressors are designed to minimize vibrations by using rubber isolators on the base plate. Use the rubber grommets that come with the unit on the frame manifold to reduce excessive vibration.

v) Optimized gas pulsation for common air conditioning pressure ratio.

Danfoss S-Series – Commercial Platform Scroll Compressors

The Danfoss S-series compressors are made for the commercial HVAC market. The compressors consist of lightweight models such as the SH090, meant for light commercial applications and heavy-duty compression units used in large commercial applications.

The S series also comes with Danfoss’s latest and most innovative features, such as gas circulation optimization, improved part isolation, part protection, integrated discharge gas temperature, patented gas path flow, and advanced gas intake design.

Danfoss S-Series nomenclature consists of the family, lubricant & refrigerant (SH), the nominal capacity (e.g., 240), approvals, voltage, version, and evolution index. Some of the recommended remanufactured S family models include:

Danfoss SH295. This 60Hz large commercial compressor unit has a nominal cooling capacity of 88,500W/30200btu/H. The compressor is rated for 27.20kW power input, has 3.25 coefficient of performance, and 11.10 energy efficiency ratio. This unit is recommended for mid-tier to large commercial applications.

Danfoss SH090.The Danfoss 090-184 50Hz compressors are made for light commercial applications. The most basic model in this range is the SH090, which has 22,300W/76100Btu/H nominal cooling capacity. The unit is rated for 7.19Kw power input, has a 3.10 coefficient of performance, and 10.59 energy efficiency ratio. This unit can be used in a small office or retail space HVAC set up as a single unit, or in a tandem setup, depending on the requirements.

Danfoss SH380. This is one of the top tier S-series compressors made for large commercial HVAC applications. The 60Hz SH380 has a 109,600W/374,300Btu/h nominal cooling capacity. The compressor is rated for 34.02 kW Power input, has a 3.22 coefficient of performance and 11.0 energy efficiency ratio.

The S series compressors are the best commercial HVAC compressor units. Compressors Unlimited has a wide range of high-quality remanufactured units of the H & S series.


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