Carrier Screw Compressors: The Basics

Carrier Screw Compressors: The BasicsSince 1902, Carrier is a global leader in HVAC solutions. The founder, Willis Carrier is the inventor of the modern-day air conditioner. In 1915, Willis Carrier and I. Lyle founded the Carrier Engineering Corporation. 

A few years down the road, Carrier and Lyle conceived the Carlyle compressor company. Today, about a century later, Carrier and Carlyle are significant players in the HVAC industry. 

Among a rich line-up of products, there is the Carrier Screw Compressor. What is it? How is it different from other compressors? How does it work? Here are the basic things that you should know about the Carrier Screw Compressor. 

The Screw Compressor 

A compressor is an essential part of the refrigeration cycle. The compressor’s primary function is to compress the refrigerant. A screw compressor implements this function through a couple of inter-meshing screws

We classify screw compressors according to the number of screws in the compressor. Here are a few types of screw compressors. 

  • Single-Screw Compressor: This compressor consists of two gate rotors and the main rotor. The main rotor is the driving rotor. It meshes the gate rotors to carry out the compression process. 
  • Twin-Screw Compressor: This compressor comes with two helical-grooved rotors. As the rotors mesh, the refrigerant flows in the axial direction. You find twin-screw compressors in commercial and industrial HVAC systems. 

Carrier Screw Compressors: Parts and Applications 

a) Parts of the Screw Compressor 

Here are the essential parts that make up most Carrier screw compressors. 

  1. The Rotors 

The rotors are the moving parts inside the compressor. The screw compressor has male and female rotors. You can tell the female rotor apart from the male as it is larger. The prime mover drives the female rotor, which consequently moves the male rotor. 

  1. The Suction Valve 

The suction valve controls the intake of fluid. Pneumatic and electrical controls manage the suction valve. 

  1. The Prime Mover 

An electric motor powers the prime mover. The compressor draws its power from this electric motor. The prime mover drives the female rotor. 

  1. Oil Section 

The oil section comprises of the oil tank, the oil separator, and the oil filter. 

  1. Other Essential Parts 

Many vital parts make your Carrier screw compressors — components like the housing unit, belts, gears, plungers, and couplings. The screw compressor also features an air drier. The drier eliminates water vapor from the air. 

b. Applications of the Screw Compressor 

The Carrier Screw Compressor is a critical component in many industries. This line of products features in commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 

You can use Carrier Screw compressors in the following industries: 

  1. Construction and civil engineering
  2. Machinery 
  3. Pulp and paper industry
  4. Electronic 
  5. Automobile industry
  6. Theme parks and recreation 

Benefits of the Screw Compressor 

The screw compressor is a favorite in many industries due to its simplicity. Screw compressors are easier to maintain than other types of compressors. For a smaller frame, the screw compressor delivers an impressive output. 

Here is why the screw compressor is superior over other compressor types: 

  • Screw compressors deliver a higher output. 
  • Screw compressors come with minimal vibration and noise. 
  • Screw compressors have reduced refrigerant loss. 

Maintenance of your Carrier Screw Compressor 

When it comes to maintenance, focus on the parts. Focus on the oil component, suction valves, intakes, and the motor. Vibration is a concern among compressors. Vibration can displace parts and reduce efficiency. Carrier screw compressors have minimal vibration. It also helps to make sure that all fasteners are always tight. 

Screw compressors have many moving parts. Wear and tear may result from poor maintenance. Compressor oil plays the role of lubrication, cooling, and cleaning. Schedule regular oil change appointments and check out for oil leaks. 

In summary: 

  • Check for oil and water leaks 
  • Carry out weekly checks for oil levels and condition 
  • Perform weekly inspections and cleaning of oil filters. 
  • Clean dirt and debris from your compressor’s exterior 

Why is Carrier’s Screw Compressor Superior Over Other Brands? 

Willis Carrier invented the modern-day air conditioner. He is arguably the father of HVAC systems. Since 1902 to date, Carrier industries have led the evolution of HVAC systems. 

Carrier Engineering commits to a sustainable manufacturing process. The Carrier screw compressor features a unique design that minimizes energy consumption. 

Carrier uses environmentally-friendly refrigerant options. They also follow strict refrigerant management and containment standards. Here is a list of Carrier screw compressors and specifications.

Screw compressors are gaining popularity. Despite the trend, many people have little knowledge of screw compressors working principle. We hope that we have highlighted the basics of the Carrier screw compressor. We also hope that you understand why it is crucial to every cooling district.

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