Why You May Need Commercial Compressor Spare Parts To Keep Your Business Going

Commercial compressor spare parts

In any engineering project, you need the right tools, the right knowledge, and the right parts.

The latter is especially important when it comes to any large-scale refrigeration or HVAC commercial system. Depending on the different elements of your system, the correct replacement parts can be hard to come by. When emergencies strike, the last thing you want is to sit around waiting for back-ordered parts.

Planning ahead is crucial. And that planning should always begin with your commercial compressor.

When Your Compressor Stops, Your Entire System Grinds to a Halt

Your setup has many essential parts, but the role of the compressor is unique.

The compressor does the most vital mechanical work for cooling applications, compressing refrigerant gas. That makes it available to the rest of the system and ensures that processes take place within the correct tolerances, extending performance. As other components age and wear out, the compressor works that much harder.

The challenge: While the compressor can pick up the slack for some other components, the reverse isn’t true.

Under the correct operating conditions and with sound maintenance practices, a commercial compressor should last close to ten years. While output will start to suffer around year eight, you usually have the leeway you need to make replacement plans and execute them without any disruptions.

If the compressor is overworked, however, failure can and does happen sooner.

A compressor can fail unexpectedly for a variety of reasons:

  • Maintenance lapses allow a small mechanical issue in one component to develop into a big one
  • Electrical wiring problems within your building or from storms harm the compressor with incorrect voltages
  • Temperature extremes, spills, leaks, or airborne pollutants in the environment cause damage
  • Cracked seals, improper refrigerant, or poor lubrication result in flooding and slugging

Whatever the case, a compressor breakdown will bring your entire configuration to a standstill.

Businesses that rely on commercial compressors are often in the situation of losing tens of thousands of dollars in product if refrigeration fails for an hour. Strict agricultural safety rules often mean affected items will need to be discarded if the problem persists for even a few minutes. In short, there’s no good time for a breakdown.

No matter what industry you’re in, the cost of stocking necessary parts is just pennies by comparison.

Having Commercial Compressor Spare Parts on Hand Prevents the Worst Case Scenario

No matter whether you do your compressor maintenance in-house or partner with a third-party vendor, you know regular service is the ticket to getting a better return on investment. Being ready for a compressor emergency is just as critical for preserving that value, even though it is less likely to happen.

Your commercial compressor spare parts are your insurance policy when a disaster looms.

Here’s why commercial compressor spare parts are indispensable to your business continuity:

1. Commercial Compressor Spare Parts Reduce Your Repair Time to Minutes or Hours

A compressor malfunction that lasts for only a few minutes might be a blip that doesn’t even get noticed by the public – let alone cause trouble with industry regulators, business partners, or investors. Common compressor issues can often be resolved very quickly, but only if you have parts and have them organized for easy use.

2. Commercial Compressor Spare Parts Are Less Expensive than Whole Backup Systems

In an ideal scenario, you’d be able to stock two backup compressors. Remanufactured commercial compressors make that more affordable, giving you the excellence you expect from a new compressor at a terrific savings. When that isn’t possible, however, having the right parts in stock will give you a robust layer of defense.

3. Commercial Compressor Spare Parts May Add Years to Your Compressor’s Lifespan

Most of today’s popular commercial compressors have a semi-hermetic design that allows easy access to the compressor motor, pump, and other parts. Much more common than a breakdown is the need to quickly swap out a part after a maintenance check – that could be all you need to sustain your current unit’s performance.

4. Commercial Compressor Spare Parts Let You Control the Timing of Your Investments

While some organizations defer maintenance and equipment expenses as long as possible, the real key is to understand your systems and their requirements. With spare parts in the supply closet, you can price a new compressor at a time of your choosing, when the price is right and the risk is minimal.

Many a facilities manager has made the mistake of disposing of and replacing a commercial compressor that could have been brought back into service in a matter of minutes with the right care. While no compressor will last forever, it’s not that unusual to yield thousands in savings from a few hundred dollars in parts.

Break out your maintenance manual and stock up on what you need while you can!


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