Why York Compressors are One of Our Best Sellers

York DXS 36

York Compressors are among the top selling compressor brands available today. While they are not as well known as some of their competitors, they have built a solid brand reputation over the years, and they continue to expand their product line in new ways. Here are a few of the reasons that York compressors are selling better than ever before.

Commercial and Industrial Popularity

For years York compressors have been trusted among many commercial and industrial companies around the world. York has concentrated making their compressors the choice for these industries as they need dependability for their internal and external clients.


York has really focused on building compressors that do their job exceptionally well. While they are now expanding their product line to include some advanced technologies, they have spent the majority of their history ensuring that their products perform well above expectations for their price point, day in and day out. As such, you can feel confident that you are getting a dependable product that will last for many years when you buy a remanufactured York compressor, even if it doesn’t come with all the extra bells and whistles that are featured on the control panel of a Trane or Carrier compressor.


Despite the fact that York compressors have been slow to adopt some of the advanced user controls that other brands have, they have not shrunk away from the challenge of improving efficiency. In fact, they have continued to add technologies throughout their products to ensure that their compressors are more efficient with less input from the user. Ideally, they want you to be able to turn on your compressor and just know that it is doing its very best, without having to make finicky adjustments or micromanage its operation. Not only does this lead to better efficiency overall for the compressor, but it also means that your team can spend more time focusing on other tasks. (When we remanufacture a York compressor, we ensure that these efficiencies are still in place.)


One of the many features that York has been working on is their unique Quiet Drive system. This feature is meant to keep the noise down while your compressor is running. This innovative system serves to keep your space comfortable for everyone, and ensures that your compressor doesn’t disrupt your business’ environment.

Warranty and Maintenance

York has one of the highest rated warranty programs in the business. While the warranty for a new compressor built by York is impressive, all remanufactured compressors are warrantied through Compressors Unlimited. We standby our work and ensure each compressor exemplifies the high standards and operation that York compressors are known for. To learn more about our warranty program for all of our remanufactured compressors, we invite you to review our program here.

If you’ve never heard of York compressors, you are really missing out. They are keeping up with the big guys in terms of efficiency and dependability. This is why we chose to remanufacture York compressors because of their reputation which allows us to make them accessible to all. They have made their products a trusted brand by combining great technology with an amazing efficiency and Quiet Drive system. They are continuing to add features and functionality while maintaining the mindset that their compressor should just work without putting additional burdens on the user. With all these incredible qualities, it’s no wonder that York compressors are a staple in the HVAC industry as well as our warehouse. For more information about all of York’s products, visit Compressors Unlimited today.


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