Why We Love Trane HVAC Equipment

Trane Hvac CompressorWhen you go looking for Trane products, you’re sure to hear about their great air conditioning systems. Don’t be fooled, however: Trane is just as distinguished when it comes to commercial refrigeration. The brand’s decades-long tradition of producing its own commercial compressors in-house is the secret to its success both among consumers and enterprises.

As such, Trane is a go-to when it’s time to reassess and update your refrigeration or HVAC systems.

When replacing a commercial compressor unit, it’s a temptation to go with whatever brand your system already used. If you are doing simple repair work, only a few replacement parts might stand between you and the performance you need. If you are going to install a new compressor, however, it’s a good idea to consider switching to the Trane brand if there is a suitable equivalent. 

Trane is a World Leader in Efficient and Powerful Commercial Compressors That Save Money

With a history dating to 1885, it’s no surprise Trane stands out with some of the world’s best commercial compressors. Products range from the smaller 230V compressors to 460V high-demand units. By size, units range from 1.8 tons at the smaller end all the way up to 150 tons and more, suitable for even the largest and most demanding commercial refrigeration systems.

Trane is especially well known for the efficiency and reliability of its screw compressors.

While there’s nothing new about the concept of the screw compressor – it’s been around since the 1930s – Trane was the first to bring this efficient design to the market in a way that works for businesses of all sizes. The performance benefits continue to carry on today.

As a rule, Trane screw compressor designs are known for the following:

  • Reduced mechanical losses due to high-speed heating performance
  • No damaging imbalances caused by valves or by mechanical forces
  • Little trade-off between high flow rates and high operating speeds
  • Industry-leading performance in a smaller footprint than other brands

No matter whether you need mobile or standalone commercial refrigeration, Trane is always a solid selection. Its Helirotor compressor designs, most notably the CHHB and CHHN models, build on the well-known performance benefits by distilling each unit down to the essentials.

Even as the internal workings of Trane compressors have become more elegant and reliable, they have been updated to work with the latest building management systems. Many Trane units are capable of integrated proactive performance monitoring. This allows the units to make precise internal adjustments based on environmental conditions rather than fail.

This can be useful in large commercial facilities and industrial workplaces, especially during disasters. But it also protects you against everyday electrical failings and other issues that can strike your business without warning and might otherwise damage the compressor’s key parts.

Advanced monitoring allows Trane compressors to report unexpected changes in performance so you or your maintenance team can take action faster. That saves time and money, enabling you to fix issues while they are easily manageable. It also helps you prevent unexpected downtime – which might mean saving thousands of dollars in business, inventory, and opportunities.

A Remanufactured Trane Screw Compressor Offers Terrific Value and Performance

Enterprises that want to save money without sacrificing quality should consider Trane as their brand. However, it’s not necessary to buy an all-new Trane from the manufacturer’s associated wholesalers. A remanufactured Trane screw compressor offers all of the same benefits.

In the world of high-quality compressor remanufacture, Trane brand products are requested more than any other. However, restoring them to total reliability is work best left to a team of experts in refrigeration engineering with years of experience in the Trane brand, like that of Compressors Unlimited.

During the remanufacturing process, a unit is completely disassembled. Full cleaning is done and components are replaced to ensure the compressor meets the brand’s reputation for excellence.

When every part of the unit has been updated appropriately, the reassembled unit is also tested. Not all remanufacturing companies have the capability to test units under a realistic load – this is an essential part of ensuring you’ll see the performance difference that makes a Trane a Trane.

There are some major benefits to choosing a remanufactured Trane compressor over a new one.

  • An average savings of about 30% to 40% compared to a brand new compressor unit
  • A turnaround time that can be days to weeks faster than delivering a new compressor

If your compressor is nearing ten years of age, it’s time to consider your plan for replacement. Regular maintenance reduces costs and extends life, but nothing can beat a new compressor when the time comes. Trane’s long history in the industry means it provides a wide range of models for all types of commercial refrigeration and HVAC uses – there’s bound to be one for you.


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