Why We Love Our Danfoss Compressors

Danfoss commercial compressors may not be quite as well-known as some of the alternatives based Stateside. But this Danish company is one of Europe’s leaders in commercial compressor technology.

With operations and qualified service technicians located all over the world, Danfoss has made a name for itself as one of the global leaders in oil-free commercial compressors. Most recently, it introduced the Turbocor® compressor, the first-ever oil-free magnetic bearing compressor for HVAC applications.

No matter whether you decide on one of these advanced compressors or something a bit more familiar, you can get excellent value out of a Danfoss compressor unit. Danfoss has a number of advantages that make it an excellent selection for a variety of use cases.

Here at Compressors Unlimited, we have worked with Danfoss commercial compressors for many years. Danfoss excellence is reflected in just how quickly an experienced team can produce a new Danfoss compressor that will meet all performance and environmental benchmarks for years to come.

Compressors Unlimiteds focus on Danfoss compressors can be found primarily across four models, with a horsepower range of 9.3 to 30 and several points in between. No matter what your refrigeration or cooling application looks like, there’s a Danfoss compressor out there that will do the job and then some.

Danfoss Is a Sophisticated Global Compressor Manufacturer

Founded back in 1933 in Denmark, Danfoss has had plenty of time to develop its technology. It is lauded as a major innovator. Over the course of nearly 100 years, it’s also made a big impact on the Nordberg area where it was founded and the many locations of its compressor manufacturing facilities.

When Danfoss was established, the Nordberg area was remote and rural. No one could have guessed the growing need for commercial refrigeration and cooling technology would turn it into a powerhouse of a new industrial era. Great jobs allowed the community to grow alongside the company.

Now, Danfoss operates in more than 100 countries, holding a position as a market leader in several. It boasts more than 40,000 employees around the globe, including top commercial compressor engineers. Recent years have seen it expand its footprint to make it easier to obtain parts and services, too.

All in all, it stands as one of the best brands for your most demanding compressor needs.

What Makes a Danfoss Commercial Compressor Stand Out?

With such stiff competition among commercial compressor manufacturers, Danfoss has managed to hold its own by crafting highly competitive approaches to the big questions around compressor design and development. Let’s look at some of the high points that make it so effective:

1. A Proven Dedication to Superior Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important watchword in today’s race to mitigate climate change. But there’s also a key practical consideration: Lower energy usage means a lower cost of ownership. If you are looking to save more money on your commercial HVAC or cooling system, a Danfoss commercial compressor may be your best bet. Pitted against comparable compressors from other brands, it often boasts top-tier efficiency.

2. Some of the Most Innovative Compressor Technology

Some compressor brands are generalists, while others are known for specific technology approaches. This can create distinct advantages depending on your precise requirements. Danfoss leads the pack when it comes to oil-free compressor technology using magnets. While this isn’t mainstream just yet, it has a strong claim to being the future of the commercial compressor industry.

3. Effective “Future Proofing” of Your Operations

Unlike many companies that have moved around the world in the years after their success, Danfoss is still based in Denmark. Neighboring European countries make up some of its biggest markets. With this in mind, its products are designed to adhere to strict EU energy regulations. In many cases, these rules are tougher than those in the United States, helping you avoid disruption around future regulations.

4. Full Range of Sizes and Configurations

Danfoss compressor units provide a good balance of size and power, with many of its offerings taking up less space than the competition. Its commercial refrigeration compressor selection varies from compact commercial units under 2KW to mid-sized 2KW-20KW options and large commercial and tandem units above 20KW. They accept a full selection of modern refrigerants, including today’s green refrigerants.

In addition to reciprocating and scroll compressors, Danfoss also designs telecom DC compressors for keeping battery systems cool, hydrocarbon compressors, and even mobile DC cooling compressors. Few other brands have the extensive range Danfoss achieves.

When Quality Counts, Danfoss Compressors Are an Excellent Choice

If your commercial HVAC system or commercial refrigeration system is in need of a new Danfoss commercial/ industrial compressor, Compressors Unlimited has a vast stock of new Danfoss units ready for shipping. Just give us a call and your Danfoss compressor can be ready in no time with an efficient delivery time. 


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