Why the Copeland 4DE2000 Compressor is a Great Choice for Your Refrigeration Needs

Copeland 4DE2000The compressor is one of the most important elements of any HVAC/R or refrigeration system. It circulates refrigerant fluid necessary for heat exchange in the coils. A reliable compressor will extend the life of your refrigeration system and improve its performance.

When it comes to design and engineering excellence, there’s nothing better than the Copeland 4DE2000, which is also known as both the 4DE3A200E and 4DE3R18ME, compressor. The Copeland brand is specified by more HVAC/R professionals than any other, and the 4DE2000 is an example of its groundbreaking compressor innovation.

4DE2000 is a Superior Semi-Hermetic Compressor for Commercial Applications

The Copeland 4DE2000 delivers a whole new level of quality and service based on Copeland’s semi-hermetic compressor architecture. A semi-hermetic compressor combines all of the best design elements of the two more common open and hermetic compressor systems.

In a semi-hermetic compressor, the main body of the compressor and its engine are sealed inside the unit’s casing during operation, protecting these components, unlike an open compressor. Unlike a hermetic compressor, however, the casing can easily be opened for maintenance.

As a result, a troubleshooting inspection of the compressor takes only a few minutes.

The 4DE2000 brings the semi-hermetic compressor concept to the next level with even greater reliability and efficiency. The 4DE2000 reduces the cost of day to day operation while also ensuring any maintenance issues can be found and corrected promptly.

Copeland technology is ideal for larger commercial enterprises with exacting demands. Companies that store, transport, or manage foods will discover that the 4DE2200’s superior reliability reduces risk in their business.

Copeland’s patented design makes the 4DE2000 an industry leading compressor:

  • Extended lifespan allows you to go much longer between compressor replacements.
  • Economical design both in terms of day to day electricity use and lower repair bills.
  • Overall lower replacement costs and a large variety of remanufactured options.

4DE2000’s Performance Goes Beyond the Basics to Make Your Life Easier

The Copeland 4DE2000 has exceeded expectations in all kinds of operating environments.

One area where the 4DE2000 often stands out is its sound and vibration levels. Open compressors are well known for extremely loud operation. The semi-hermetic compressor provides a much quieter experience, which allows the unit to be placed in a widely variety of locations.

Although some other models can offer higher efficiency and lower component wear, the semi-hermetic 4DE2000 is available at a much lower starting price. It is also more familiar to service technicians, allowing you to take maximum advantage of its maintenance-friendly features.

An aging or damaged compressor unit puts strain on the rest of the system and forces it to work harder at a higher cost. The Copeland 4DE2000 can unlock significant savings as it continues to operate reliably month after month and year after year.

The larger your system and more intensive your need, the bigger the 4DE2000’s difference.

Compressors Unlimited is Your Source for a Fully Remanufactured Copeland 4DE2000

If your compressor fails, you need an alternative right away. A brand new compressor is a major investment not all businesses are fully prepared for. With Compressors Unlimited, you can get a Copeland 4DE2000 remanufactured for peak performance at a fraction of the cost.

Our process is unlike any other in the industry. We fully remanufacture compressors so that they meet or exceed all current OEM specifications, no matter when they originally entered service. All of our remanufactured compressors are 100% compatible with the latest standards and technologies.

Compressors Unlimited will help you find the right commercial compressor to meet all of your needs, whether that happens to be the Copeland 4DE2000 or another modern model.

To get personalized advice on commercial compressors, contact Compressors Unlimited today.


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