Why Maintenance Checkups Are Your Cooling System’s Best Friend

Your cooling system takes a real beating during the warmest months of the year. Maintenance checkups can be your best friend when it comes to making sure that your system is ready to take on each new challenge. The more regularly you perform the recommended maintenance, the longer the life of your cooling system will be and the less expensive it will be to operate.

The Real Value of Routine Maintenance Calls

When it comes to the inside of your cooling system, there are many moving parts. Under normal load, these parts wear down over time, eventually causing leaks or breakdowns that make your system run very inefficiently. The problem is that you may not even notice the changes yourself until there is serious and expensive damage done. Typically, this process occurs over several years, making your power bills creep higher and higher at imperceptible increments until one day you realize that you’re paying twice what you used to to run the system during the day. Even your best attempts at saving money cannot stand up to the effects of wear and tear.

When it comes to routine maintenance of your cooling system, many HVAC companies offer annual maintenance plans to simplify the process. This includes changing of filters, cleaning of your compressor coils, and comprehensive inspections of all wearable parts. They can also lubricate any parts that need it to prevent unnecessary wear on fans or belts. Spending a little bit each year to make sure that this maintenance is completed on time, every time, can go a long way toward saving you thousands in costly repairs down the road. In fact, if parts are wearing out, your HVAC technician will likely be able to alert you in advance and order a replacement or repair before the problem gets worse and damages other parts of the cooling system. The longer you let a problem go between maintenance calls, the faster it will age and the harder it will be to save it when the time comes.

For more information about routine maintenance checkups and your cooling system, contact Compressors Unlimited today. Our expert staff knows just how important it is to keep your system in good shape by changing filters and having it inspected year after year. We can help you find the right replacement parts or a new compressor when yours has finally gone out. Don’t forget to read up on our recommended maintenance steps while you’re there.


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