Why Choose a Danfoss Commercial Scroll Compressor

Compressors Unlimited - Danfoss CompressorsThe right compressor improves performance and enhances system longevity, giving you the output you want while remaining energy efficient. For systems in demanding environments, a Danfoss scroll compressor may be a wise choice.

Reliability and efficiency are driving their emergence as the next industry standard.

Among the many producers of scroll compressors today, the Danfoss brand stands out.

How Does a Commercial Scroll Compressor Work in Your Refrigeration or Cooling System?

Scroll compressors were designed to address some of the persistent problems with reciprocating models. Over time, pistons wear down and become inefficient. They are also vulnerable to liquid slugging, which can bring the compressor to a stop quickly.

With these and other issues in mind, companies like Danfoss created a modern generation of scroll compressors. Through a re-thought approach to the compression mechanism, they can last longer and are less likely to suffer catastrophic failure.

A scroll compressor makes use of two scrolls in a carefully calibrated relationship. The fixed scroll remains stationary while the orbiting scroll rotates around it using a swing link. Pockets of refrigerant gas positioned between the paired scrolls are gradually pushed toward the center, lowering the gas volume.

Once the volume is sufficiently lowered, the gas is discharged through the center of the compressor.

This approach to compressing refrigerant has a variety of important results:

  • Fewer moving parts mean easier, less expensive maintenance and less wear and tear
  • A lower degree of torque variation makes the unit’s operation faster and smoother
  • The compressor has a modest footprint and can be placed in many locations in a facility

If you are bringing new equipment online or even replacing an existing commercial or industrial sized compressor, it’s a good idea to see if a suitable Danfoss SH, SM or SZ scroll compressor can meet your needs. With regular maintenance, they maintain a high degree of performance as they can provide many years of service before failure.

Why Should You Choose a Danfoss Scroll Compressor?

Danfoss has been a leading name in compressor technology for many years. Danfoss Cooling is dedicated to the development of advanced, energy efficient new technologies that utilize natural refrigerant and reduce overall emissions, protecting the planet.

Danfoss’s other compressor models include standard and semi-hermetic reciprocating units. In addition to its well-regarded commercial compressors, it leads the market in refrigeration and air conditioning controls, heat exchangers, and condensing units.

When comparing Danfoss scroll-type compressors, you’ll find two major types:

1. Oil-Injected Compressors

Danfoss is well-known for its variable-speed inverter scroll compressors as well as the S-series scroll compressors. Compared to their industry peers, they stand out for their precision and low start current.

In an oil-injected scroll compressor, oil lubrication is provided through direct injection into the compression chamber. This ensures greater uniformity of lubrication and improves the system’s management of the waste heat generated by the compression process.

Conventional oil is usually preferred in these systems due to its superior sealing capabilities. However, most oil-injected compressors are also compatible with a wide range of synthetic lubricants. This equips your scroll compressor to operate in environments with extreme temperatures.

2. Oil-Free Compressors

Danfoss is considered one of the world leaders in oil-free compressor units due in large part to its Turbocor centrifugal compressors, some of the largest and most powerful units on the market.

Oil-free compressors do not require lubrication within the compression chamber itself. This addresses one major point of failure and reduces the risk of lubricant slugging in the rest of the system. Lubrication is only needed for the bearings and a few other specific components, which also tend to remain lubricated for longer periods.

Oil-free designs are possible only in compressors where the compressing elements do not create friction through direct contact. Danfoss’s most advanced scroll compressors are designed within remarkably tight tolerances to facilitate refrigerant gas compression without prolonged contact.

Oil-free compressors can use a multi-step compression approach that prevents compression chamber leaks and moderates the internal temperature of the compressor, which otherwise heats up faster than an oil-injected model.

Choose a Model for Your New Danfoss Scroll Compressor

Danfoss is a large global operation. With an increasing demand for the company’s commercial hardware, ordering an all-new compressor can take months.  If you want excellent Danfoss performance at the best price possible, Compressors Unlimited will do their best to get you that. We are an authorized dealer and more than happy to assist you with Scroll Compressor needs. 


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