Why Amusement Parks Choose Remanufactured Compressors

commercial compressors for amusement parks

2022 is poised to be a big year for amusement parks. More parks are opening up or finalizing their plans to do so. Behind the scenes, that means a lot of necessary maintenance is getting done, that helps parks save money and create great experiences.

In many cases, parks need to perform basic maintenance as quickly as possible after hours. When it means attractions will be down for an extended period of time, these obligations are often deferred for as long as possible. This year’s delay is helping parks to revitalize their assets.

There are many amusement parks, but let’s zoom in a little bit closer.

Walt Disney World in Florida and other Disney properties were among the first to shut down after COVID. But they began to reopen spryly, welcoming guests at reduced capacity as early as July 2020. Visitors report that it has been a unique experience, to say the least!

Guests of all ages are being welcomed and seeing amazing things. Can you imagine going to a Disney park and having virtually no wait in line for popular rides? It’s happening for the first time in decades. Of course, the park continues to adjust its policies to ensure the best results for everyone.

All in all, a growing number of sources report that Disney World feels safe.

It’s worth asking the question, though: Have parks made the most of their maintenance blitz?

Beyond the “big D,” there are hundreds of amusement parks all around the United States. They have all kinds of themes and interesting amenities. But among the things they all share in common is a need for commercial compressors. Dozens or even hundreds of compressors are used to meet their refrigeration and HVAC needs.

And parks are continuing to leverage reduced capacity to safely update their compressor fleet.

When they do so, they are looking to remanufactured commercial compressors to save more money.

Remanufactured Commercial Compressors Can Save Amusement Parks Millions of Dollars

We all know that commercial compressors have a limited service life.

Maintenance helps you yield up to ten years of reliable service from most commercial compressors. On the way, however, these systems lose some of their efficiency. Like any mechanical device, they start to wear out. It is a wise idea to have a replacement plan as the compressor reaches its seventh year.

For amusement parks with dozens or hundreds of compressors, the total replacement cost can easily rise into the millions. Yes, not all compressors will have entered service at the same time, and some will be more efficient than others. But spare compressors should also be on hand for emergencies.

Total cost of ownership is another significant factor.

As older compressors continue to operate, they generally draw more power. A compressor is the heart of the refrigeration or cooling system. Every other component around it has to work harder if it is not giving its maximum performance. And when it finally fails, everything else comes to a stop.

The best way to control these costs is to approach replacement in a managed, effective way.

That means:

  • Documenting repairs and replacements among all compressors to recognize looming issues
  • Having a thorough, consistent maintenance process that follows “best in class” procedures
  • Doing the necessary supplier research to identify a quick, affordable source of compressors

To respond to all these issues, amusement parks look to remanufactured commercial compressors.

Remanufactured Commercial Compressors Ensure a Great Guest Experience for Less

Amusement parks of all shapes and sizes drive revenue and improve their margins through a branded approach to food and snacks. Parents are willing to pay significant markups because of the convenience.

No one wants to leave a park and come back to grab a bite to eat, even if their ticket would allow them to do so. And in many cases, “single entry” passes mean that this is not an option. So, amusement parks need to be prepared to serve food at peak demand according to the highest safety standards.

Even a brief compressor malfunction can cost thousands – and lead to plenty of disappointment.

Choosing a remanufactured commercial compressor for your replacement needs enables you to get the performance you want at a fraction of the cost. That’s often a 10%, 20%, or even a 30% discount or more compared to the cost of working with an OEM-affiliated wholesaler. Plus, you get your new compressor in days, not weeks or months.

During the remanufacturing process, a compressor is completely disassembled. All components are examined and necessary replacements are made. In the end, testing ensures the unit’s performance is what you would expect from a comparable all-new compressor.

Park-goers may not know it, but commercial compressors are a big part of how amusement parks deliver those life-long family memories. By choosing remanufactured, you save money so you can continue serving them for many generations to come.


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