Who Needs a York JG Compressor

businesses that need a york compressor jg

York is known for its wide variety of compressor types, enabling the brand to deliver performance in all kinds of environments. Among these, the York JG compressor is perhaps the most popular.
While it’s not the most advanced compressor in the York lineup, the York JG has been widely adopted for its combination of power and reliability at a price point that fits into many budgets.

Today, we’ll discuss more about the York JG compressor and whether it may be right for you.

What Kind of Businesses Are Using the York JG Compressor Today?

The York JG is a go-to option for “chiller-reliant” mid-sized enterprises – that is, for those for which the compressor is a mission critical piece of equipment. They are generally used for large air conditioning systems, but they can also be found in refrigeration systems.

Some mid-sized ice rinks use the York JG to keep the ice solid!

All in all, the leading niche for the York JG is in large and mid-sized convention centers and hospitality properties. Businesses like these need to maintain a large number of distinct temperature zones, and they must deliver comfortable indoor temperatures for visitors no matter the weather.

The York JG is considered extremely reliable. In the event there is any problem with the compressor, it is also easy to fix. When an appropriate maintenance plan is followed closely, you can expect the York JG to offer strong performance throughout its service life.

It truly is one of the best examples of York’s ingenuity with commercial compressors on today’s market.

When Is the York JG Compressor a Good Fit?

Many businesses have had success with the York JG compressor and have no intention of switching away from it any time soon. If you’re using a York JG successfully, there are few reasons to look elsewhere. Simply bring in a remanufactured commercial compressor as the old one ages out.

If you’re not yet using a York JG compressor, here are some scenarios where you might introduce it:

1. If You Have a Current York JS Compressor

At Compressors Unlimited, we specialize in providing replacement compressors to suit your current system configuration. That said, there are times when the best idea is to update your compressor.

It’s often difficult to overhaul an existing system to use a different compressor because of the varying specifications between manufacturers. But one case in which it’s very easy is the transition from the older York JS compressor to the more current York JG.

The York JG represents a technological advancement over the York JS that is superior in every way. Since it was designed as a standby York JS replacement, it is generally easy to adjust your system configuration to use this compressor. You’ll benefit from greater reliability, efficiency, and maintainability as a result.

If this describes your situation, it’s a wise idea to discuss your needs with a compressor engineer.

2. If York PA Is Outside Your Current Budget

York continuously innovates on its designs, and the York PA compressor is the designated successor to the York JG.

That said, all three models – the York JS compressor, York JG compressor, and York PA compressor – are in current use. In some setups requiring multiple compressors for redundancy, they even operate side by side. It is not necessary to leap directly to the York PA, even though it is the most sophisticated.

The York PA is an intriguing iteration on the York JG for those who are looking to pull out all the stops in optimizing their systems. Again, it can help to discuss the ins and outs of this relatively new compressor model with an expert who’ll be able to comment on your specific needs.

Save Money on Your York JG Commercial Compressor by Going Remanufactured

The nature of many businesses using the York JG commercial compressor is that they need multiple units to ensure continued performance, especially if an emergency strikes. This can lead to a large and unexpected expense if problems hit multiple compressor units at the same time.

No matter your demand level or system configuration, remanufactured compressors can help.

A remanufactured York JG compressor undergoes a thorough engineering process to ensure excellence. The goal is to deliver a unit that meets all applicable performance and environmental standards. That means you get output, reliability, and longevity comparable to an all-new OEM unit at a fraction of the cost.

This is the ideal solution for enterprises who need to replace a York JG compressor fast! Not only will you pay less – 10%, 20%, or 30% less in most cases – you can also look forward to cutting out weeks of delay. The sooner your York JG arrives, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of one of the most trusted compressors around.


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