Understanding the Benefits to the New Danfoss ICFD Defrost Module

Danfoss, one of the leading compressor manufacturers for commercial and industrial applications in air conditioning and refrigeration, has recently engineered anew evaporator defrosting formula, with a fantastic result: the new Danfoss defrost module.

To understand the benefits of using this module in industrial defrost applications, let’s take a closer look at what it involves.  

For starters, the newly developed module combines two basic elements:

Danfoss ICF Valve Station 

Providing an all-in-one dynamic multi-solution valve, the ICF Valve Station is compact and lightweight, ensures simple, fast installation and reduces energy consumption.

Using just one valve instead of multiple valves, this station also reduces the number of potential leak sources, which translates into fewer service hours. The ICF Valve Station delivers some other great benefits, as follows:

– it features multiple functions in a single housing, simplifying the refrigeration plant design phase along with service and maintenance;

– it is suitable for all common low- and high-pressure refrigerants;

– it has 4 basic configurations and more than 50 custom configurations, which make it the go-to choice for a wide variety of applications, including hot gas lines, liquid lines, and compressor injection lines.

Hot Gas Defrost Method

Although several methods can be used to remove the frost collected on the evaporator—which acts as a layer of insulation, reducing the airflow between the fins and coil capacity—hot gas defrost is by far the most effective, reliable and safe defrost method used in industrial refrigeration systems.

The process is relatively straightforward: the hot discharge gas coming from the compressor enters the evaporator, warming the coils and melting the ice accumulated. Then, the gas condenses to a liquid, which has nowhere else to flow other than back to the compressor.

The hot gas defrost method delivers two significant benefits, such as:

– it’s between 50% and 70% more energy efficient than water or electric defrost methods;

– it allows the refrigeration equipment to reach optimal temperature faster, meaning the temperatures are more consistent and refrigerated products stay fresh for longer periods.

For the new ICFD defrost module, Danfoss has combined the ICF Valve Station with the liquid drain method for controlling the hot gas supply to the evaporator during hot gas defrost, which is more efficient than the pressure control method. Compared to the pressure control method, the liquid drain method requires less hot gas to defrost an evaporator and ensures that only the condensed liquid is drained during the defrost process.

The Danfoss ICFD defrost module delivers a series of advantages, which range from improved defrosting performance, reduced energy consumption and compressor loading, superior compressor capacity and increased overall efficiency to extend the service life of systems and improved job site efficiency.

Although Compressors Unlimited doesn’t yet offer the new ICFD defrost module, we’re committed to delivering on our promise, which includes making sure that our customers keep up with the latest industry news from around the world.

To find out more about the latest air conditioning and refrigeration solutions, or to order the factory new or remanufactured compressor, spare parts or accessories you need in order to solve an A/C or refrigeration related problem, please feel free to call our friendly professionals today at (972)-286-2264 or use our contact form.  


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