Top 5 Benefits A Remanufactured Compressor Provides For Your Business

Remanufactured CompressorA compressor is the central component in any commercial HVAC or refrigeration system. It is both complex and large, requiring regular maintenance to sustain its efficiency over time. Without the compressor, the refrigerant gas cannot be raised to the appropriate pressure and won’t flow through the rest of the system.

Damage to any major part of your commercial HVAC or industrial refrigerator is bad news. When the compressor fails, however, all else comes to a halt. Even if all the other components are sound, they cannot function without the compressor.

In an emergency, the ability to quickly replace a bad compressor with a new one makes a tremendous difference. This is usually what brings facilities managers around to the idea of a remanufactured commercial compressor for the first time.

What is a Remanufactured Commercial Compressor?

A remanufactured compressor is one that has gone through a complete inspection, cleaning, replacement, and testing process to bring it up to the highest performance standards. When the remanufacturing process is complete, the unit offers performance quality and longevity comparable to an all-new unit.

The end-to-end effort and care involved is what distinguishes a remanufactured compressor from one that is sold as “refurbished,” “reconditioned,” “rebuilt” or any other similar word. There are no technical definitions for many of these terms and they typically don’t mean what customers are led to believe they mean.

A remanufactured compressor is completely disassembled and all of the components are examined. Damaged components are replaced. Both the exterior and the interior of the compressor are completely cleaned out and the exterior may be repainted. Before being sold, the compressor is typically tested under load.

What these steps do is ensure the compressor is ready to perform for the long haul.

That reduces or eliminates risks like:

  • Compressors failing to function when powered on for the first time in the new operating environment

  • Small and relatively simple mechanical components failing and causing the compressor to shut down

  • Compressors not meeting performance standards or not operating as expected for a full 8-10 years

All these disaster scenarios can and do happen when compressors that are not new or remanufactured are sold to the customer. Some resellers focus on cleaning and repainting the compressor, leaving the damaged components inside of it to wreak havoc just days or weeks down the line.

What Are the Top Benefits of a Remanufactured Compressor?

There are many ways your business benefits from a true remanufactured compressor.

Here are the leading ones:

1. Reliable Performance

Reliability is the main driver behind choosing a remanufactured compressor. There is no point purchasing a piece of equipment that will fail in two, three, or four years. If you partner with a reputable remanufacturing firm, you are getting a team that stands behind its work. Remanufactured units often come with a warranty. You can focus your efforts on what you do best and rest easy knowing there’ll be no compressor surprises.

2. Reduced Cost

It is not a secret that an all-new OEM compressor is very costly. These large, complex equipment pieces can be one of the biggest expenses of your year. With a remanufactured compressor, you may save 20%, 30%, or even 40% over the sticker price of working with the designated OEM wholesaler. Even the process of shipping your new compressor tends to be less expensive, particularly if your remanufacturer is in the same region as you or has taken the extra step of partnering with leading logistical companies to get your compressor to you at the lowest price possible.

3. Faster Turnaround

One problem with the conventional compressor supply chain is that it takes a very long time to get your new unit. New compressors generally come from the OEM’s preferred wholesaler, and they can take several months to materialize after you place your order. With remanufacturing, you can cut down your time to installation by several weeks – anywhere from two weeks to six depending on a number of factors.

4. Lasting Relationship

Your relationship with your remanufacturing professionals goes beyond the warranty you may have received. You can also get their advice on best practices for compressor maintenance. Maintenance is an indispensable part of any effort to maximize the value from your compressor. A second opinion can be invaluable, even if you have an in-house maintenance team that handles everything on site.

5. Disaster Readiness

It’s not unusual to discover remanufactured compressors after one of your existing compressors goes down unexpectedly. Once you have a remanufacturer in your corner, you never have to worry about that again. You can prevent thousands of dollars in lost business and opportunities by leveraging your existing relationship. And, of course, you have help zeroing in on issues that may be shortening your compressors’ service life.

Cost, speed, convenience, and efficiency all combine to make remanufactured compressors a sound investment for most commercial and industrial enterprises. A good remanufacturer transforms the experience from a single transaction into a strategic relationship.


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