The Flexibility of Danfoss Compressors

Danfoss compressor flexibility

Commercial Danfoss compressors are well known within the industry for their flexibility and utility in a wide range of environments and applications. In fact, Danfoss is one of the highest rated compressor manufacturers in the world for this very reason. To fully understand the range of these unique compressors, you have to consider some areas where they are currently in use.

Flexibility of Applications

Danfoss compressors are commonly used across a wide range of industries for heating and cooling, refrigeration, pressurized air and more. While commercial HVAC and refrigeration applications are the most common use case for these products, there is even further flexibility in terms of output, as some systems require minimal cooling or ultra-low temperatures. By offering both reciprocating and scroll-type compressors, they are able to fit the compressor to the precise needs of the installation in terms of rate of compression and size. This flexibility is even more apparent when comparing their commercial and residential compressor designs, demonstrating that they are ready to take on any job, large or small. No matter what kind of facility you are running or what type of compression you need, Danfoss has a compressor that will meet those needs.

Environmental Flexibility

There is also plenty to say about the flexibility of Danfoss compressors within their operating environment. For instance, refrigeration applications often require compressors that can work in tight spaces with limited airflow. Outdoor HVAC units require compressors that are able to withstand extreme temperatures and precipitation. In industrial applications, compressors must be able to function despite dust and other particles floating through the air. Luckily, Danfoss has built a brand of rugged compressors that work wherever they are needed, including portable compressors that can be set up and moved around without a lot of fuss.

Flexible Operation

Beyond the core construction of the compressors themselves, Danfoss has gone above and beyond to create compressors that are also operationally flexible. For instance, with the addition of smart controls, businesses can take advantage of more efficient compressor options that respond to the needs of the application and adjust their output automatically. These smart sensors are revolutionizing the way we think of compressors as a linear input to output tool. Now, you can buy a large compressor that meets your needs when you are at full capacity, but that same compressor can ramp down when needed to eliminate waste. This multi-stage, multi-speed flexibility is relatively new within the commercial compressor industry, but it offers a lot of benefits to the user. With the help of comfort controls and industrial controls, you can take your new compressor and configure it to meet the precise needs of your system from moment to moment, a level of control that we have never had before.

It is easy to see why so many companies rely on Danfoss compressors today to keep their facilities running. Danfoss has invested heavily in research and development to build the most reliable, flexible compressors in the game. They know their customers, and they build their compressors to fit the hefty demands of heating, cooling and refrigeration out in the real world. In addition, they are paying close attention to upgrades in technology that will make their products even more flexible and usable for the consumer. By adding more smart controls and multi-stage functionality, these compressors are as flexible as it gets within their operating range. If you are ready to invest in a new Danfoss commercial compressor for your facility, now is the time to visit Compressors Unlimited and speak with one of our sales team members about what type of compressor that will fit your needs.


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