The Danfoss Compressor: The Inverter Scrolls Models

The Danfoss Group began small in 1933 when Mads Clausen (1905-1966) founded the company. Today, it ranks globally as one of the leading manufacturers of commercial compressors. The Danfoss compressor is a favorite among distributors. At Compressors Unlimited, we want you to discover the benefits of Danfoss’ different models for air conditioning and refrigerating including the inverter scroll.

Inverter Scroll Compressors

Danfoss offers units and systems that satisfy the rigorous demands of rooftop applications. Since 2013, they have been providing their customers with a series of scroll compressors. The company revealed the second generation in 2016. This new group included inverter scroll compressors. The inverter scroll compressor features several desirable qualities for our commercial customers. The VZH inverter scroll compressors possess the following qualities:

  • Precise humidity and temperature control – accuracy within 0.1 F of the setpoint
  • Advanced efficiency
  • Stepless modulation
  • Energy efficiency – Providing savings that are greater than 30% – when compared to other fixed compressor units

Danfoss compressor models and the brushless interior permanent magnet (IPM) design are the VZH models contribute to improved product environmental friendliness.


At Compressors Unlimited, we recognize the ability of Danfoss inverter compressors to deliver the type of energy-efficient control and capacity for various commercial applications including:

  • Data centers
  • IT equipment cooling
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Telecom facilities
  • Offices
  • Industrial structures
  • Residential buildings

Danfoss inverter scroll compressors perform efficiently and effectively for industries that require precise and exacting humidity and temperature control. They play a significant role as a component of a unit or systems that include a chiller, close control, ground source heat pump, process cooling and rooftop applications.

Danfoss inverter scroll compressors combine energy efficiency with an effective design. The result is a product that provides what we, at Compressors Unlimited has come to expect from a Danfoss compressor: quality products that offer customers cost-effective savings, reducing energy builds while being environmentally responsible. Such qualities ensure the company’s ongoing success.


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