The Comprehensive HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Your commercial HVAC system requires a twice-annual maintenance checkup to stay in tip-top condition. If you have been letting your HVAC maintenance slide, you really need a comprehensive maintenance checklist to keep your commercial HVAC on track. This will provide you with a gentle reminder and written record of when certain tasks were completed along the way, and ensure that no steps were missed. Here are a few items you need to add to your list:

Changing the Filters

Filters should be changed in the spring and the fall to prepare for the heavier use seasons, AKA summer. You need to be sure that all filters are changed, including any return filters, furnace filters or small filters near your AC coils. Every commercial HVAC system is unique, so your checklist should include a list of filter locations to ensure that none of them are missed.

Inspecting the Belts and Fan Blades

Your system is run by a series of belts that connect the compressor motors and fans. Over time, these belts can dry out and crack. In addition, outdoor debris can cause your fan blades to get damaged and cause your system to become inefficient . You should inspect all parts when you are changing the filters to be sure that there are no signs of damage that could get worse over time which could lead to other problems. Signs of damage might also include loud clicking or ticking noises when the system is running. Lubricate any parts that need lubrication at this point and check to see if the noises continue.

Cleaning the Coils and Fins

On the indoor portion of your commercial HVAC system are a series of coils responsible for cooling the air. Dirt and debris that sticks to the surface of the coils make it harder for air to pass over them and get cold. Coils can be cleaned using a soft bristle brush and an industrial coil cleaner. Likewise, your outside unit has a series of cooling fins that help get rid of the heat from inside your commercial or industrial building. These cooling fins are very delicate and must be cleaned gently. You can do this simply by rinsing the fins with a hose, or with the help of a special cooling fin comb. Remember these fins are delicate so be sure not to use harsh abrasives when cleaning these.

Checking Your Refrigerant

Finally, you need to make sure that your refrigerant level is topped off to keep your system running properly. If the refrigerant is low, you will need to call a licensed technician with the proper tools to refill the system and inspect it for leaks. Otherwise, your system could run dry and damage the compressor. Unless you are licensed and properly trained to do this as well as have the proper tools, leave it to the professionals.

Inspect the Furnace

In the fall, make sure that your furnace is ready to go by inspecting the pilot light and gas lines for any signs of damage. Double check the electrical connections and make sure that the heat exchanger is in good condition and ready for those cooler days.

HVAC maintenance is not particularly complicated, but you have to be sure to stay on top of it throughout the year, or it could become costly at the worst possible time. Waiting too long to check your filters or lubricate your motor could spell disaster for the whole system. For more information, make sure you call Compressors Unlimited today and speak with our experts if you feel your commercial HVAC system is in need of a remanufactured compressor.


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