The Bitzer FE Series Keeps Cost Down for Grocers

Grocers are one of the biggest users of commercial compressors in any industry.

In-depth engineering analyses of grocery stores consistently deliver the same news: The #1 consumer of energy at your store is the lights, while the #2 consumer is the refrigeration system.

These two essential building systems are constantly in a tug of war, with the lighting producing heat that the refrigeration systems and commercial HVAC must continuously account for.

Likewise, the refrigeration systems themselves produce plenty of waste heat every day.

While some grocery stores have experimented with solutions such as smart lighting, the biggest win in that area was the switch to low-heat LED light bulbs. Now, companies that want to continue taking a bite out of their costs need to look at how their refrigeration is conducted.

That means zeroing in on the heart of your system: The commercial compressor.

A Bitzer FE Commercial Compressor Delivers Efficient Service for Grocers

Unlike in many other settings where commercial compressors are in use, a single grocery store may need to field dozens of individual units. Units are often integrated directly within smaller equipment pieces. Some of these on-board compressors are “hermetic” and virtually impossible to service.

More recently, though, an ethos of serviceability has started to permeate the industry. The easier your compressors are to maintain, the longer they’ll last. By following maintenance best practices over the long term, you can ensure you get the full eight to ten years of work from your compressors.

This is especially important with the large refrigerated cases found in most grocery stores.

When you want to reduce the total cost of ownership and extend the lifetime of your equipment, you need to look no further than the Bitzer FE commercial compressor. The Bitzer FE stands out as one of the most popular and arguably the most reliable compressor in today’s grocery store environment.

For nearly 90 years, Bitzer has been a leading name in commercial compressors. You might wonder if this German-based company provides you with the quality, service, and ease of access to parts you’ll need – but once you see a Bitzer FE commercial compressor in action, you will be hooked.

Efficiency is the watchword with a Bitzer compressor, and that’s just as true with the Bitzer FE.

Save Money and Reduce Your Environmental Impact with a Bitzer FE Compressor

One of the secrets to Bitzer’s success is its innovative efforts in reducing environmental impact. As an EU-based company, it has consistently had to contend with high environmental standards. This means that, as a U.S. customer, your Bitzer commercial compressors are ready for the future.

Pound for pound, a Bitzer commercial compressor often draws 10% less power than a comparable commercial compressor. While this is valuable in any setting, it’s particularly helpful for grocers, as reduced draw translates directly to less waste heat.

When compressors enter service for the first time, they tend to be more efficient than they will be as the years go on. By replacing your commercial compressors with remanufactured Bitzer FE units, you can expect to save thousands of dollars in pure operating costs over a number of years.

The Bitzer FE commercial compressor is part of the highly respected Ecoline compressor portfolio. Ecoline is the next word in environmental compliance. It delivers more with less, coming in a smaller package and equipped to be compatible with a variety of modern refrigerants.

Since the Bitzer FE is a reciprocating commercial compressor, you won’t find yourself starting over from scratch to learn new ways of maintaining it or diagnosing issues. All you need to do is ensure you have a few spare parts on hand and follow standard maintenance procedures like documenting replacements.

By sticking with the trustworthy standard of a reciprocating commercial compressor, you know you are getting plenty of power in a compact footprint. This is essential to optimizing your space – especially in your grocery store, where every square inch needs to perform a function for your customers.

Save Even More and Source Your Bitzer FE Faster with Compressor Remanufacturing

With a remanufactured Bitzer commercial compressor, you get all the advantages you expect from a new unit at a fraction of the price. Slashing your upfront investment by 10%, 20%, or even 30%, you also get your unit weeks sooner than you would if you worked with an OEM-affiliated wholesaler.

Cutting down the length and complexity of your supply chain is crucial for disaster-proofing your business, and that’s precisely what a remanufactured commercial compressor enables you to do.

You can work directly with a remanufacturing team in your area instead of relying on experts distributed worldwide. A remanufactured compressor is completely disassembled, cleaned, fully repaired, and then tested under simulated real world conditions to verify excellence.

For grocery stores, it’s the best option there is.


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