Why Purchase a Remanufactured Trane Screw Compressor?

Let’s face it, failures happen! Replacement Trane Screw Compressors are expensive. But you have a choice when it comes to where and how you buy your replacement screw compressor. Compressors Unlimited Intl. LLC gives you an alternative source with its very cost effective replacement Trane Screw Compressor line. Let our crew of dedicated professionals help you provide a direct replacement compressor for your air conditioning or process equipment. Let us save you time and money with our knowledgeable staff and quality replacement Trane Screw Compressors.

Trane Screw Compressors

Our Remanufactured Trane Screw Compressor line compliments our wide variety of top brands we currently supply. Our replacement Trane Screw Compressors are remanufactured to top standards and meet governmental environment standards. Going Green is at the heart of all our remanufactured products and us at Compressors Unlimited Intl. LLC have thoughtfully invested in years of research and development to provide you with the most cost effective and high quality replacement Trane Screw Compressors you can buy.


Compressors Unlimited Intl. LLC offers a complete 12 month warranty against defects in workmanship and parts. Our dedicated staff takes great pride in their work and proudly stands behind our Trane Screw Compressors. This also allows us to offer an optional extended warranty period on every unit we produce.

Peace of Mind

Remanufactured replacement Trane Screw compressors is an art and a science. With many years of providing high quality units our techs have worked out both the science and have perfected the art of remanufacturing. Giving you peace of mind that you sourced the very best remanufactured replacement Trane Screw compressor available.

Our inventory

At Compressors Unlimited Intl. LLC we serve a wide variety of industrial and commercial industries. Our Trane Replacement Screw compressors is just one of our innovative products we keep in stock to meet your delivery needs. High quality and dependable products in inventory will always be a high priority at Compressors Unlimited Intl. LLC.

Contact Information

Check out what we have to offer on our products page or call 1-800-789-9890. We look forward to providing all your remanufactured replacement needs, including our Trane Screw Compressor line.


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