Increase Savings With a Remanufactured Industrial Compressor

An industrial compressor is a significant investment in your business. Most industrial environments that require at least one compressor wind up needing several more. Compressors can be vital to maintaining appropriate temperatures and airflow throughout an industrial space.

The more industrial compressors you need, the more important it is to make sure you are getting the best deal possible on your equipment. Each compressor costs thousands of dollars, so it’s essential to think about both upfront cost and long-term cost of ownership.

Reducing the Cost of Fielding Your Industrial Compressors

When it comes to the cost of ownership, you have options. You can look for compressors designed to be environmentally friendly and use less electricity. A compressor is a major power consumer, especially in those vital few minutes right after powering on. The savings potential is high.

Another way to reduce compressor spending is to make sure your existing units last for as long as possible. Today’s industrial compressors can serve for years longer than those of the past. Appropriate maintenance helps ensure your compressors will run for the full eight to ten years.

When a mechanical problem develops with a compressor-based system, the root of the issue usually isn’t found in the compressor itself. This is good news, because the compressor is the component that’s both the most complex and most challenging to repair. 

Luckily, if you have the right replacement parts on hand, you can often get to the bottom of common issues without much effort. It’s always a good idea to identify which components you’re most likely to need and ensure your maintenance team has access to them on-site at your facility.

When you combine that level of readiness along with a maintenance plan built on best practices, you’re in a position to extend the life of your industrial compressors. That alone can help you save money and prepare for the eventual costs of replacement when it’s time for an older compressor to go offline.

But the cost of ownership is just one factor.

Most organizations are interested in finding ways to reduce the total cost of procuring a compressor. They know that quality industrial compressors can be expensive, especially with today’s supply chain issues. It is wise to look at the problem from all angles – and luckily, there is a solution.

The global supply chain is still snarled, adding to the cost of manufacturing and shipping a compressor. But you can eliminate many of those costs and shorten your supply chain from months down to minutes.

Instead of using an OEM-affiliated wholesaler whose production facilities could be anywhere in the world, you have an alternative. When you choose a remanufactured industrial compressor, you can receive equipment, parts, and maintenance advice directly from a remanufacturing team.

That also turns out to be the fastest and most effective way to control replacement compressor costs.

How to Save More Money Buying and Installing Compressors

When you want top-quality at a price you can be satisfied with, remanufactured industrial compressors are the way to go. An expert remanufacturing team has a full line of industrial compressors, so you won’t end up retooling your current equipment or layout – you can stick with what you know works.

With a remanufactured industrial compressor, you’re typically looking at savings of 10%, 20%, and possibly 30% over the cost you would be quoted by an OEM-affiliated wholesaler. What value do you get for the extra money? Typically, none – you are paying for the brand name the wholesaler is permitted to use.

When it comes to compressor performance, the story starts with the compressor core. These cores represent the majority of the manufacturing and logistical challenges faced by both the brand and consumer. Your remanufacturing team starts with a core that can be provided by you and brings the entire unit back into service.

During remanufacturing, a compressor is completely disassembled. The inside and outside of the unit are both cleaned thoroughly. All components throughout the system are tested and replacements are made as required. Then, the entire reassembled system is tested under simulated real-world conditions.

The end result is a remanufactured industrial compressor that does everything you need it to do:

  • It meets or exceeds all original performance standards of the same make and model
  • It meets or exceeds all the original unit’s environmental standards and requirements
  • It is generally delivered days or weeks faster than an all-new compressor would arrive

Over time, the benefits of remanufacturing only add up. You may end up saving tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands depending on how many compressors you need to field for your enterprise.

Just as importantly, you’ll never be caught waiting months because of a manufacturing backlog. No matter your needs, it’s never too early to get started and benefit from compressor remanufacturing.


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