Including HVAC Compressor Replacement in Your Budget

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This holds true in all industries and nowhere is it more factual than in building systems maintenance. Your major building systems are crucial to your operations – and most organizations can’t afford the outcome of a serious breakdown.

Virtually every commercial and industrial structure relies on an HVAC system, which in turn relies on a commercial HVAC compressor. Should the HVAC shut down unexpectedly, it may only be a matter of hours before it becomes impossible to maintain the normal occupancy of that building.

Depending on where you are, a failing HVAC can run the gamut from a mere inconvenience to a health and safety risk. For example, people consider the first air conditioning blast a sign they’ve reached their destination in the south and southwest. Foot traffic can be adversely affected without it.

Even more seriously, error rates go up when a building is too hot. It’s only a short distance from there to absenteeism and other issues. In the worst-case scenario, reduced air circulation may be a precursor to sick building syndrome and other problems. All of these represent major costs.

Yet, it’s often difficult to get upper-level leaders to agree to a budget that totally represents the costs of necessary maintenance. By fully understanding the costs of commercial HVAC maintenance, documenting them, and making them clear early on, you are more likely to avoid a “wait and see” attitude.

When it comes to the lifespan of your commercial HVAC compressor, maintenance is essential. A maintenance plan that’s thorough and consistent can add years to the life of your equipment – by comparison, the only thing to “wait and see” is an equipment breakdown. So, it’s vital to get on top of compressor costs.

HVAC Compressor Replacement Is the Biggest  Commercial HVAC Maintenance Cost

Compressor replacement is an inevitable part of operating a commercial HVAC system. Maintenance may determine if replacement takes place in eight years, ten, or even longer, but it has to happen at some point. Minimizing disruption means making plans for it in advance.

Unfortunately, if you rely on OEMs and their affiliated wholesalers, you could find yourself facing a whole lot of issues. Number one on the list is that the unit you want may simply not be available. It could take anywhere from weeks to months to fulfill the average commercial HVAC compressor order.

Since your entire HVAC system depends on using the same make and model of compressor you had, there’s little room for improvisation here. Luckily, there is an alternative that can cut your costs up to 30% and might accelerate the fulfillment of your order, too.

With a remanufactured commercial compressor, your existing compressor core is completely cleaned, re-engineered, and tested. This ensures you get exactly the hardware you need. Since the core is the most important and costly part of the compressor, it also saves you time and money.

Because you have a number of years before any given compressor will need to be replaced, it’s wise to divide up the cost of your eventual replacement over those years. You can get a cost estimate from a reputable commercial remanufacturing company, ideally, one with the logistic capability to reach you no matter where your location is. 

Other HVAC Compressor Maintenance Costs to Be Aware Of

During a compressor’s lifetime, you should also make allowances for the appropriate spare parts to be on hand at all times. Documenting your maintenance checks and noting any components you’ve used helps to determine which ones need to be stocked. All maintenance personnel should be empowered to make this kind of request just as soon as a round of compressor maintenance is finished.

If you’re not quite sure which compressor spare parts you need, this is another area where your trusted compressor remanufacturing company can help. Unlike a wholesaler, a remanufacturer has a vested interest in maintaining the relationship and helping you along the way.

What about your compressor’s needs over the years? Ideally, it’s good to have team members who can handle the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance of your compressor. But every unit is different and you may run into unexpected questions. Once again, it’s a remanufacturer to the rescue.

It’s usually possible to keep your HVAC compressor and system running smoothly with your own team and occasional advice. But if you are going to contract out your HVAC maintenance to another firm, it’s another element to add to your budget – and one that has the potential to be the most expensive.

Whatever your strategy, a remanufactured commercial compressor is the proven way to lower costs and stay ahead of your system’s demands. You’ll save money and be ready for the unexpected at the same time.


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