How to Spot Quality Remanufactured Compressors

If you’re on the hunt for a new commercial compressor, you might want to consider buying remanufactured instead. These compressors are used but have been restored to original manufacturer specifications by the re-man team. As a result, you can achieve like-new performance at a slightly lower cost. The most important thing is to make sure that you are choosing a quality remanufactured product from a reputable dealer. Here’s how: 

Ask Plenty of Questions

There is a big difference between a remanufactured and rebuilt compressor. Rebuilt compressors typically only require changing out badly worn components while leaving the rest of the compressor untouched. Oftentimes, rebuilders will combine slightly worn parts from several different used compressors to get something that is approximately within performance specs, but not up to par with a new system. As you search for your next compressor, make sure you ask specifically about how deep the remanufacturer goes and what components they repair or replace in an effort to meet OEM specs. You might also want to ask what specs they are following as some manufacturers update their spec sheets over time and you want your compressor to follow the latest guidelines. Tip: the key to these questions are that remanufacture strips the compressor completely down and starts the remanufacturing process with a bare compressor body.  The compressors that are purchased from an OEM are almost always remanufactured as well rather than 100% new. The only way a customer can receive a 100% new compressor is to purchase a larger piece of new equipment that has the compressor in it.

Look for Stickers or Stamps

Most companies that offer remanufactured compressors try to restore the compressor to its like new state by sealing it properly. Oftentimes they will place a new sticker or stamp on the case to clearly indicate that it has been remanufactured along with a date, and sometimes a serial number or other code for future reference. Depending on the brand, these stickers may also carry important information about any warranty coverage that now exists on the remanufactured system. Companies who go to the trouble of completely remanufacturing a compressor may offer extended warranties on their products to put your mind at ease about buying something that’s already out of the box.

Ask for a Tour

Some manufacturers are happy to have their industrial customers drop in and witness their process first hand. Before you buy, ask your vendor if you could see how a compressor is remanufactured. This is important because it will show you the extent of the work they are performing, what kind of replacement parts they are using, and the process of what they do. For parts that are being restored to OEM specs, they must be built in a clean environment using brand new components and the latest standards.

Don’t Assume Anything from the Paint

Unfortunately, many rebuilders and bad actors know that a shiny coat of new paint will make you believe that the compressor is brand new. If you come upon a compressor that looks new on the outside, make sure you look for other stickers, stamps or other identifying factors that will tell you whether it was rebuilt or remanufactured, not just repainted.

Do Your Homework

There are several different types of commercial compressor remanufacturers today. There are independent facilities that act as a third party, taking in all kinds of different compressors and send them back out. And there are manufacturers that take in various compressors and remanufacture them in house and sell them direct, giving a warranty of their workmanship. Now that you know what you’re looking for, you can go buy a remanufactured compressor for your facility in no time. Ask the right questions, pay attention to the minor details that can save you a lot of money on a like-new product. To find out more about why many facilities are choosing remanufactured commercial compressors, click here.


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