How Remanufactured Compressors Save you Money

remanufactured compressors save money

Remanufactured compressors are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They provide companies with a viable option if they don’t want to invest in a 100% brand new compressor from the OEM. The remanufacturing process provides you with a quality piece of equipment without the exorbitant cost associated with purchasing a brand new compressor. Because of the constant use, compressors will often exhibit signs of wear and tear much sooner than other parts within the system. Investing in a remanufactured compressor can add years to the life of your equipment.

Rebuilt vs Remanufactured

Rebuilt compressors are ones that have had worn out parts replaced and minor repairs made. In some cases, the unit is thoroughly cleaned and the shell repainted to make it look as if the outer casing may have been replaced as well. Scrap parts taken from other units that have been discarded may be used to rebuild a compressor if they are still in good working order.

A remanufactured unit is one that has been completely taken apart, cleaned, and all new parts used to reconstruct the compressor and its power supply. When a unit is remanufactured, there are no worn parts salvaged from other units. Because all of the parts used in remanufacturing the unit are either new or guaranteed to meet OEM tolerances, the unit will be just as reliable as one that is fresh off of the assembly line.

Meets or Exceeds Industry Standards

Rebuilt compressors often don’t function as efficiently as a new or remanufactured compressor. Part of the reason for this is that a rebuilt compressor may still contain some of its original parts, many of which may be worn or damaged. Since a remanufactured compressor is made with many new parts, it will work more efficiently than ever before. Many of the new parts have been designed to work better than their previous counterparts. This allows a remanufactured compressor to not only be extremely efficient but also meet or exceed industry standards in terms of environmental compliance and energy use.


Remanufactured compressors sell at a much lower price than one that comes directly from the manufacturer. Part of the reason for this is you are buying the remanufactured compressor from an independent contracting company. You don’t have to pay for an expensive brand name. Instead, you are paying for a top-quality unit that contains all-new, state of the art parts. For companies that are looking for ways to save money, buying a remanufactured compressor offers the same efficiency as a brand new unit at a dramatically lower cost. Even though many of the parts are new, extra won’t be paid for the brand or the reputation of the manufacturer.

Environmentally Sound

While cost is often the main reason behind the purchase of a manufactured compressor, you will also get the benefit of upgrades to the old parts that improve its energy efficiency as well as reducing its overall impact on the environment. New technology allows for continual improvements to be made to the parts used in both new and remanufactured compressors. The new, more efficient parts can reduce the amount of energy needed to operate the compressor, saving you money over the life span of the unit. Because they operate more efficiently, the impact they have on the environment is also dramatically reduced making it easier for you to remain in compliance with EPA guidelines.

Remanufactured compressors are nothing new. Over the years, companies have learned that simply rebuilding a compressor only guarantees a few more years of service. Going the extra step and purchasing a remanufactured compressor allows for much more extended use and increase in the overall efficiency of both the compressor and the unit it supports.


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