How Remanufactured Compressors are Affecting Industrial Warehouse Cooling Systems

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Installing remanufactured compressors rather than new units is a recommended green approach of renewing industrial warehouse cooling systems. By choosing a remanufactured compressor, you are essentially sidestepping the energy-intensive processes of creating the main compressor body and accessories, which typically involve smelting steel from raw materials.

During remanufacturing, some elements of the compressor may have to be replaced with new ones. Examples of these parts include the compressor pistons and rods. However, the compressor casing itself is usually retained to as-new specification. This helps to save both energy and raw materials that would have been used in the production of a new unit.

Why Choose Remanufactured Compressors

When shopping for a compressor, buying a new unit is not always an option. However, to ensure optimal operations of your plant and the safety of your staff, you also don’t want to gamble with quality. In this case, the best option would be to get a remanufactured compressor.

Some of the benefits of going with a remanufactured compressor from Compressors Unlimited include:

  • The compressors are 100 percent tested
  • The crankshaft is re-machined and polished, and the cylinder walls are re-honed to ensure reliable performance
  • All bearing, valves, rings, and other critical components that wear off are completely replaced with new ones
  • The bores are measured with a highly-sensitive gauge
  • The compressors are audited for quality control by authorized remanufacturers and meet or exceed OEM standards

Remanufactured compressors meet stringent OEM standards, and provide great value and efficiency. The compressors are obvious choices for manufacturing plants looking to improve operational efficiency without incurring huge capital costs.

Impact of Remanufactured Compressors on Industrial Warehouse Cooling Systems

Cost Savings

Remanufactured compressors are cheaper than their newer counterparts. However, this does not mean that its performance is compromised. In fact, the compressors offer comparable performance to new units.

Remanufactured units are tested to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s performance standards. Before being added to inventory and sold, every compressor is tested in multiple ways to ensure integrity. Therefore, while operating under normal operating conditions, you can be sure that your unit will keep the plant operational for a long time without costing you a fortune.

Fewer Downtimes

The compressor production unit is at the heart of the industrial cooling system. When the compressor is not functioning, the plant’s cooling system will not be operational. Remanufactured compressors help to reduce the risks of downtime in your plant.

Many industrial plants purchase remanufactured compressors and keep them as spare units to reduce the risk of downtime. In most cases, the facilities have been operational for decades and were initially installed with new compressors. Therefore, having a remanufactured compressor is a great way of mitigating risk and eliminating unnecessary downtime.

Waste Reduction

Manufacturing a new compressor requires massive energy and raw materials. The manufacturing process involves heating and forging high-grade steel to the required shapes and sizes. A significant amount of energy is used, and waste is inevitable during the manufacturing process.

On the other hand, remanufactured compressors do not require a lot of new raw materials. Remanufacturing the compressors mainly involves breaking the old compressor down, and replacing many of the parts with new components that meet or exceed OEM standards. This process is different from refurbished or rebuilt, in the fact that the remanufacturing process doesn’t fix what is just broken, but instead the old compressor is completely disassembled and then re-assesembled once again so it performs at peak capacitiy. 

Since the main compressor housing, and potentially a few other parts like the crankshaft, is not replaced with a 100% new item during the remanufacture process, there is not a lot of wasted raw materials.  

Green Energy

Using remanufactured compressors has various environmental and economic benefits. Life cycle assessment (LCA) studies carried out on remanufactured and new compressors show telling results. According to this study, the greenhouse emissions of remanufactured compressors is 110 to 168 kg CO2-e. On the other hand, new compressors produce a larger amount of greenhouse gases, at 1,590 kg CO2-e.

Remanufactured compressors offer end users higher carbon and dollar savings than new units. Moreover, since they have a longer life than repaired units, replacing the latter with the former can help your plant avoid 33% to 66% of greenhouse gas emission associated with using new compressors that have a lifetime of between 15 to 25 years.

Latest Technological Advances

Remanufactured compressors are usually restored to the original working specification of the manufacturer. The remanufacturing is done by experts, and this helps to maximize the accuracy of the remanufacturing process and minimize errors. Therefore, plant managers can be assured that the remanufactured compressors they buy are working as required.

The compressors also have the same features and offer comparable performance to new compressors by OEM manufacturers.

Life Cycle Assessment Implication on the Lifetime of Compressors

With proper maintenance, a remanufactured compressor often has a longer in-service life than a repaired unit.  This means your plant will produce a lower amount of greenhouse gas when choosing a remanufactued compressor than a plant that installs a compressor that is 100% new (if they are even available for purchase).

To learn more about how a remanufactured compressor can save your industrial warehouse money and headaches, contact one of our compressor experts today. 


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