Danfoss Compressors and Milk Cooling Tanks

Danfoss CompressorsWhen it comes to refrigeration solutions, Danfoss offers excellent options for both residential and commercial purposes. Innovations are happening across various industries, and the dairy industry is no exception. There is a race to not only reduce operational costs but also milk prices. This race starts at the production level through the use of advanced compressors and cooling mechanisms.

Danfoss offers some of the highest quality milk cooling tanks and compressors on the market. The company’s products are manufactured with performance and longevity in mind.

Danfoss Milk Cooling Tanks

Maintaining milk quality is a delicate process that demands special attention throughout the production and storage process. The milk has to be maintained at a temperature of between 4°C and 6°C. Milk should be stored in these low temperatures to regulate the growth of bacteria and ensure it stays safe for consumption. Therefore, the milk should be stored in reliable cooling tanks.

Danfoss offers scrolls or reciprocating compressors that operate optimally and can be used for multiple applications.

Danfoss Compressors

Danfoss compressors are reliable and energy-efficient. The compressors are designed for a wide range of industrial settings and operations. The compressors are used in multiple refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

Below is an overview of Danfoss compressors:

1. SM/SY/SZ Scroll Compressors

In a Danfoss SM/SY/SZ compressor, compression is performed by two elements located on the upper part. Suction gas enters the compressor through the suction connection and as it flows around the electrical motor, oil droplets separate and fall into the oil sump. From the electric motor, the gas enters the scroll elements, where it is compressed and the discharge emitted through the discharge connection.

Danfoss scroll compressors are available both as single and as tandem units. Their features include:

  • The gas intake design promotes higher resistance to liquid slugging
  • Noise is greatly reduced thanks to improvement in isolation of the compressor parts
  • Protection of the compressor parts reduces internal leaks and increases their lifespan
  • A new patented motor cap design has improved oil behavior, motor cooling, and gas circulation
  • The design of the new SM112-124-147 and SZ147 compressors has been improved to ensure the highest efficiency

2. Danfoss Maneurop®

The Danfoss Maneurop® and the rest of the MTZ compressors are a series of hermetically enclosed compressors. These compressors are assembled and wrapped in a robust casing of a welded steel shell. The units are designed for high and medium evaporation temperatures.

MTZ compressors have a long life expectancy and are designed to perform reliably under extreme conditions. The compressors are available in a range of single and tandem refrigerant models R407A / F, R404A, and R134a.

3. (VTZ) Danfoss Inverter Maneurop®

Inverter VTZ are reciprocating compressors with a cooling capacity ranging from 3 kW to 48 kW. The compressors tend to adapt to the current load in commercial cooling systems automatically. For this reason, these compressors can only be used in high-sized and short cycling systems.

VTZ features an innovative and intuitive compressor package, which uses variable-speed technologies for excellent and efficient operation. The compressors come with multiple refrigerant capacities for R134a, R407C, and R404A.

Why Use Danfoss Compressors

Here are some reasons why Danfoss compressors are among the leading compressors in the commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration industry.

i) They are efficient

Danfoss compressors operate on one of the highest industry standards. The compressors are designed using the latest technologies that limit high operating expenses and maintenance. As a result, their performance is optimized by limiting input.

If you are looking to install efficient cooling solutions powered by compressors operating on modern smart systems, Danfoss has something for you.

ii) Thermal load management

Traditional compressors lack an efficient heat management system. Today, thanks to tech advancements, modern compressors are more reliable and have working mechanisms that restrict intense heat. However, the capacity for heat management varies from brand to brand.

Danfoss compressors have excellent thermal load management functionality. The compressors are flexible and restrict intense heat loads without affecting performance.

iii) They are safe for use

Danfoss compressors are safe for use in both commercial and residential settings. The compressors are designed with the end-user in mind. Both technically expert and newbie plant will find the compressors easy to use.

Danfoss compressors are integrated with various safety mechanisms as well as the most advanced technological systems in the industry.

iv) They are compact

Danfoss compressors have a compact design, which makes them easy to use and great for small spaces. The units also operate quietly to ensure you have a friendly working environment.

v) They are versatile

The compressors are designed for use in multiple industrial and residential applications.

Danfoss milk cooling tanks come in various capacities, ranging from 800 up to 10,000 liters. The tanks have quick connections that make installations easy. From reciprocating compressors to standard condensing units, Danfoss has a wide selection of high-performance cooling systems. To purchase a Danfoss commercial compressor for a distributor you trust, contact a representative at Compressors Unlimited today. 


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