Copeland Compressor Parts That We Carry

Whether your operations rely on one compressor or one hundred, it’s essential to have the right spare parts in stock. When you have compressor spare parts available at the workplace, you can respond to issues quickly. It may be the difference between a brief downtime and weeks of disruptions.

Compressor spare parts are also critical to your maintenance efforts. Compressor maintenance includes tasks on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Any time you track down a problem component and make a replacement, it’s a wise idea to document that replacement.

Needless to say, having a reliable source for replacement compressor parts is vital.

You don’t want to end up on a waiting list where you might have to wait months for the parts you need. At the same time, beware of shady online “superstores” that may misrepresent the parts they have. You should buy compressor spare parts only from a reliable team you can trust to know how everything works.

Among all the compressor mistakes to avoid, buying the wrong replacement compressor parts is near the top. Even though compressors may share many aspects – depending on whether they are piston, screw, or scroll – it doesn’t mean that parts are interchangeable from one vendor to another.

Many commercial compressor manufacturers have their own ways of doing things that they claim contributes to the efficiency and longevity of their compressors. So, you want to be sure you buy compressor parts online that meet the exact specifications of your system.

When you need Copeland compressor parts, Compressors Unlimited has you covered.

Replacement Copeland Compressor Parts from the Commercial Compressor Experts

At Compressors Unlimited, we have helped thousands of industrial and commercial customers access the best compressor technology at a fraction of the cost. We understand the most likely maintenance issues you’ll encounter and the parts you need to get reliable performance for years to come.

With that in mind, we strive to carry a full selection of Copeland compressor replacement parts.

Some of the Copeland compressor parts our customers often request include:

Copeland Valve Plates

A compressor valve plate is one of the most common components on a compressor, and you will likely end up replacing a valve plate on your compressor sooner or later. Valve plates work as seals between different pressure zones within the compressor. As these seals weaken, it has the potential to disrupt the cooling cycle as a whole – so it’s always best to have several on hand.

Copeland Modules

Copeland compressors can incorporate sophisticated digital technology for real-time monitoring. If you have a Copeland commercial compressor at the heart of your HVAC system, you probably already know about how it can perform self-diagnostic routines using the company’s CoreSense technology.

There are three main types of Copeland compressor modules you might need to replace. Modules can require replacement after they are damaged or simply because they wear out. Each Copeland module has a very specific use case, so it’s helpful to double-check before you buy a replacement.

Copeland replacement modules include:

CoreSense Diagnostics for Two-Stage Compressors

When you have a commercial rooftop air conditioner or chiller, Copeland stands out as one of the best American compressor manufacturers. This Copeland module is one of the most advanced you can find on scroll compressors, using the speed and power of onboard Modbus communication.

Integrated protection and phase monitoring allow for granular insight into compressor performance so problems can be found and resolved quickly. You’ll easily be able to review the diagnostic fault history of any 13-40 horsepower Copeland compressor over its entire lifetime.

CoreSense Protection

CoreSense Protection is used in light commercial air conditioning and heat pumps as well as a few high-end residential applications. It actively shuts down the compressor whenever critical system faults are detected and provides six diagnostic codes for better speed and accuracy. A superior replacement for single or two-pole contactors, it incorporates the same wiring as the traditional contactor.

CoreSense Diagnostics for Fixed Capacity Compressors

This module is most often seen in residential air conditioning and heat pumps, but it can also be used in light commercial applications. It protects Copeland scroll compressors – the company’s signature – from critical failures that might require repair or replacement.

The compressor is used as a sensor for the total health of the system. Five system alert codes enable fast and accurate diagnosis of common problems. The module features a data port so you can download the whole history in seconds. All in all, you’ll have fewer field failures or warranty claims.

As the leading source for remanufactured commercial compressors, we also carry unloaders, crankcase heaters, piston rings, bearings, suction and discharge service valves, gaskets, polyster oil, and alkabenzine oil for Copeland and other commercial compressor brands. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


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