How to Choose the Right Remanufactured Commercial Compressor

Irreparable damage to the compressor and operating conditions that have changed dramatically over the years are the two most common reasons why business professionals opt for a compressor replacement.

One way to purchase a reliable commercial compressor at a significantly lower price compared to new equipment and still enjoy like-new performance is to opt for a remanufactured unit.

But with a great number of options available today, selecting the most suitable remanufactured compressor for your operation can be trickier than you think. To make your task easier, let’s take a look at the most important factors you should consider when choosing a remanufactured commercial compressor.

Types of Compressors

Because different commercial applications require different types of compressors, selecting the right unit is imperative in order to achieve peak system performance and efficient operation.

There are two main categories of remanufactured commercial compressors:

1. Positive Displacement Compressors 

Positive displacement compressors compress the air or gas by reducing the volume of the compression chamber. This category includes:

– reciprocating compressors, which feature a reciprocating motion, which defines a repetitive back-and-forth or up-and-down linear movement;

– rotary compressors, which use a rotational movement to compress the air or gas; rotary compressors are available in screw, scroll, and vane models.

2. Dynamic Displacement Compressors

Instead of reducing the volume of the compression area, these compressors create pressure by speeding up the air or gas to high velocity, and then restricting the flow. Dynamic displacement compressors include centrifugal and axial designs.  

Most of these compressors are further divided into oil-free and oil-injected versions.


When shopping for a remanufactured commercial compressor, it’s essential that you consider a few specifications, such as:

  • Horse Power (HP) – The HP rating of a remanufactured compressor indicates its motor’s efficiency and power output. But the HP rating isn’t the only factor you should take into account when buying a remanufactured commercial compressor. As an example, a 5-HP compressor may not be right for an application if it doesn’t generate the air pressure and capacity required.  
  • Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) or Cubic Feet per Hour (CFH) – The CFM/CFH rating indicates the capacity of the compressor. The higher the CFM/CFH rating, the more cooling the compressor can deliver.


Thanks to new technologies that provide noticeable improvements in volumetric efficiencies, remanufactured commercial compressors can be adjusted to different capacities, flow rates, and operating conditions. Although there are some limitations, these compressors operate more efficiently and generate less waste heat at varying system loads compared to rebuilt or older models.

Opting for a remanufactured commercial compressor, which is equipped with new technologies, will also allow you to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on its components. Over the course of its service life, you will accrue significant savings that can easily offset the initial investment.

Furthermore, a remanufactured compressor that is more energy efficient and lasts longer supports the environment. Thus, you can rest assured knowing that your business operates in an environmentally conscious manner.

Choosing the right remanufactured commercial compressor is important, and there are benefits of buying remanufactured. However, purchasing quality remanufactured compressors from a dependable and experienced remanufacturer is even more important, particularly if your business depends on HVAC and/or refrigeration equipment. Apart from offering long-term value, a leading remanufacturer like Compressors Unlimited will provide the best advice, so you can make a truly informed decision before you invest in a remanufactured commercial compressor.  


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