Benefits of Choosing a Frascold Coolant Compressor

As one of the leading compressor manufacturers, Frascold produces a wide range of compressors that use different types of refrigerants. Since each type of refrigerant has its own advantages and disadvantages, the refrigerant and compressor, implicitly, should be selected according to the type of HVAC/R system and intended usage. There are many benefits of buying remanufactured, and Frascold is no exception.

Because coolant compressors meet the requirements of different air conditioning and refrigeration applications, this blog post presents the benefits of choosing a Frascold coolant compressor.


As their name suggests, Frascold coolant compressors operate on coolant.  Because coolant has a low boiling point, the compressor needs to produce a moderate pressure in order to compress the refrigerant into a high-pressure vapor. When a low compression ratio is required, the compressor operates more efficiently. Additionally, Frascold coolant compressors are highly stable, which means that they can operate even under extreme conditions, including in applications that involve high pressures and temperatures.


Coolant is a non-flammable refrigerant, which makes it highly safe for industrial and commercial purposes. Furthermore, the protection systems integrated in Frascold coolant compressors are among the most advanced on the market. However, any coolant leaks should be addressed immediately. Besides the fact that coolant emits greenhouse gases, which have a negative effect on the environment, refrigerant leaks can decrease the efficiency of your cooling system and increase your energy bills.

Refrigerant and Oil Charge

When considering Frascold coolant compressors that use a refrigerant and oil charge, business professionals should remember two important points: 1) coolant is always miscible with oil, irrespective of operating conditions and temperatures. 2) Although oil particles tend to get carried away with the refrigerant discharged from the system, these particles always return to the compressor. In low- and medium-temperature applications, the systems are equipped with oil separators, which remove the oil from the refrigerant. Therefore, the refrigerant flowing through the condenser and evaporator doesn’t contain any particles of oil. Because the oil is removed completely from the refrigerant, the refrigerant maintains its heat transfer coefficient, ensuring stable cooling performance.

Effective Thermal Load Management

Frascold coolant compressors are able to remove very large heat loads. As these compressors provide a very efficient method for integrating active thermal management functionality in different applications, they can be used to increase the performance and reliability of HVAC and refrigeration systems, even in high-temperature environments.

Coefficient of Performance (COP)

The COP is determined by the ratio between the energy used by the compressor and the amount of cooling at the evaporator (for HVAC/R installations), or the amount of heat at the condenser (for heat pumps). The systems that include a Frascold coolant compressor are typically characterized by a high COP compared to the systems that use other technologies. For example, the COP of an absorption refrigeration system is about 1, while that of a coolant compression system can reach 4 or 5. The higher the COP value, the more efficient the system is.

Simplicity and Versatility

Unlike other types of compressors that use secondary pumps, fans, and coolants, Frascold coolant compressors don’t need these components to operate. Besides being more compact and quiet, these compressors can reduce your operating costs. Another important aspect is that Frascold makes available different types of coolant compressor models that can fit various applications.

To meet the challenging requirements associated with active thermal management, Frascold currently specializes in the design and integration of compact coolant compressors in different commercial and industrial environments. If your HVAC/R applications require superior performance, efficiency, and reliability, a Frascold coolant compressor might be exactly what you need. For more information about the Frascold compressors we make available at Compressors Unlimited, please get in touch with our experienced professionals today!


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