Advantages of the Carrier 5H Semi-Hermatic Commercial Compressor

Carrier 5H Commercial Compressor


Looking for a reliable compressor suitable for a range of commercial applications?

Carrier is a brand synonymous with the highest quality air conditioning systems around the world. In fact, Willis Carrier is credited with inventing modern air conditioning back in 1902. This led to a revolution in comfort, first in businesses and later at home.

Without it, it would be much harder to keep cool in today’s record heat waves!

Since then, Carrier has branched out and now offers a full line of compressors for commercial air conditioning and refrigeration. It’s hard to go wrong with a Carrier compressor: The company has had more time to innovate and improve on their designs than anyone else.

That said, choosing the right Carrier commercial compressor for your workplace is critical.

Ensuring your compressor is sized correctly and has the performance characteristics you need makes it easier to keep your system running smoothly for years to come. It’ll help you achieve greater mechanical efficiency, curbing wear and reducing your system’s electricity use.

For some larger or more demanding applications, it’s a wise idea to build out any new system with a Carrier compressor at the heart of it all. And when you’re not quite sure which compressor will work best, we recommend starting your search with a Carrier 5H semi-hermetic commercial compressor. It combines power and efficiency in a single reliable package.

The Biggest Performance Advantages of the Carrier 5H Commercial Compressor

The Carrier 5H is a semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor trusted as a reliable workhorse in air conditioning and refrigeration. It is designed for easy diagnosis and repair of mechanical issues, extending life significantly. Various engineering innovations counteract the wear-down once associated with the reciprocating design.

Let’s look at some reasons the Carrier 5H commercial compressor is a winner:

1. Lower Cost of Operation

The Carrier 5H compressor is designed with automatic unloaded starting. That makes an energetically costly and potentially temperamental high torque motor unnecessary and cuts down on initial expense.

2. Fewer Points of Fault

Smooth, unrestricted refrigerant flow is a critical part of avoiding flooding and slugging, both of which can cause a rapid, catastrophic failure in an otherwise undamaged compressor. The Carrier 5H compressor realizes better flow through specialized design features in the valve plate, cylinder head, and crankcase casing.

3. Partial Load Operation

Partial load operation is one of the biggest factors in whether a compressor has the potential to maintain high efficiency late into its service life. The Carrier 5H uses a state-of-the-art capacity control system to reduce the unit’s capacity to as low as 35% based on suction pressure, drastically lowering horsepower requirements.

4. Positive Pressure Lubrication

Thorough lubrication reduces wear and tear, and the Carrier 5H offers an ingenious solution. The combination of a manually reversible oil pump, automatic pressure regulator, and built-in oil-filtering system is the ideal way to keep damage caused by friction to a minimum.

5. Sustainability Built In

At a time when brands around the world are more focused on environmental impact, Carrier stands out. Carrier compressors are compatible with a full spectrum of modern, environmentally friendly refrigerants. Each internal component has been refined and tested for reduced energy use versus similar competitor models.

A Remanufactured Carrier 5H Commercial Compressor Meets Your Needs at Lower Cost

When you want premium Carrier quality at an affordable price, consider remanufactured compressors.

A remanufactured commercial compressor goes through a detailed engineering process to restore it inside and out. It is fully disassembled, receives all necessary repairs and replacements, and thoroughly cleaned. An end result is a unit ready to perform for 8-10 years, or more, comparable to an all-new unit in every way.

Remanufacturing not only saves you 10%, 20%, or more but allows you to obtain your compressor weeks or months sooner than you could with an OEM-affiliated wholesaler. Every day counts when you need to replace a compressor after a sudden failure – remanufacturing means you won’t be kept waiting!

Remember, keeping quality compressor cores in circulation is essential to reducing both the cost of a newly remanufactured compressor and the environmental impact of compressor manufacturing. A reputable compressor remanufacturing team will ask you to return your old core or use a core exchange to obtain a new one for you.

Expect an itemized invoice that explains all charges. Some unscrupulous characters hide the cost of cores in the price of the compressor. Imported compressors and the firms that deal with them may not be required to follow the same procedures around cores, potentially leaving you with heavy expenses or a low-quality unit.

The Carrier 5H is a go-to model for those who want power and efficiency. With remanufacturing, you get the value of the trusted Carrier name at a fraction of the price.


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