4 Tips for Compressor Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance keep your compressor running in tip-top shape. If you want your unit to last, we list here 5 things you can do to help make that happen:

1. Monitor your pump oil level

If your compressor is the oil-less type, then you can skip this step. However, if you do have oil in your compressor, then make sure you always check the pump oil level in your system. If your oil levels are running low, this could lead to a ton of problems that aren’t covered by your warranty. This could lead to some very expensive repairs. Save yourself from the trouble and expense by keeping an eye on your pump oil level.

2. Put in a new compressor oil pump

You can replace the pump on your own easily enough. Just disconnect the unit from the power source. Take out fill cap—or plug, in some cases—then put in a collection container under the oil drain. Follow this up with the removal of the oil drain cap and drain out the oil inside. Wait for a few minutes until this stops. Then you can put back the drain cap and pour in oil into the crankcase until your oil levels are just right.

3. Know the signs

Know when it’s time to put in a new compressor in your system. Keep your eyes peeled for signs that your compressor is in trouble. If that’s the case, time to shop around for a new one. You might want to consider a Trane Helirotor compressor, for instance. Just make sure the model is compliant with your existing system.

4. Shop from trusted sources

Care and maintenance won’t matter if you go with inferior units. Quality compressors make a difference. They last longer. They work much more efficiently. Choosing a remanufactured compressor gets you better value for your money. If you’re shopping around for a Trane Helirotor compressor, make sure you go to a credible and trustworthy shop. That way, you know you’re buying quality units that will last you longer.


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