4 Dangers of Purchasing Counterfeit Compressors and Parts

There is nothing more frustrating than having to purchase a brand new or remanufactured compressor. After all, compressors never fail at a convenient time. However, as you rush around to find a replacement, it is extremely important that you do your homework well so you don’t end up with a counterfeit piece of machinery. Counterfeit compressors and parts can pose some real dangers to your business, so buyer beware!

Damage to Your System

One of the biggest dangers of purchasing counterfeit compressors or parts is that they are not made to meet the minimum quality and safety standards set forth by the original manufacturer. Counterfeit companies are known to cut corners, and when they do so, you could end up with a severely damaged system that requires extensive repairs. An improper part could cause damage within your system by causing things to wear down faster than expected, or even by coming apart inside and producing shrapnel. Leaks and clogged lines also tend to be common problems associated with these parts because they are often not built in a clean, safe facility in the first place.

Lifespan of a Counterfeit Compressor

Another common issue is that counterfeit parts and compressors rarely get the lifespan that you expect when you buy a replacement. You may be shocked to find that these parts last only a few months before you suddenly have to replace them again. This can be quite costly, even costing you more than if you had just replaced them with parts that meet or exceed OEM specs the first time. Properly manufactured parts can add years of life to your existing compressor and ensure that all parts are moving within their proper specifications. Counterfeit parts can not only wear out but can also reduce the lifespan of the entire unit by causing other components to wear unevenly.

Warranty Coverage

In many cases, counterfeit compressors and parts will completely void any warranty coverage that you do have. When you go to make a warranty claim, the manufacturer will ask you to verify the serial number of the compressor in question.  The receipt back at the manufacturers facility where the builders card for that specific compressor will be pulled to verify the serial number. This card will provide the specifications for each part in the compressor that is being inspected.  If the inspector finds that parts that do not meet the strict specifications that should have been installed after the initial sale, you may be stuck with the bill for the repairs and/or a compressor that has been fully remanufactured.  If you are unsure, you should always call the manufacturer or a reputable remanufacturing facility, like Compressors Unlimited before ordering a repair to verify the authenticity of a part and how it will affect any warranty that you have remaining.

Loss of Efficiency

On the other end of the spectrum is the loss of efficiency that will occur when you use poorly fitted parts. Counterfeit parts are more likely to cause leaks or damage other parts of your system. As a result, your compressor will not push out the amount of air required for your system to work productively. While this may seem like a moderate risk compared to the others, it is just one more way that you could end up spending much more in the long run. If you suspect a problem with your HVAC system, you may want to reinspect your compressors to see how they are performing.

It is easy to see that counterfeit parts and compressors simply aren’t worth the pennies you might be saving. It is always best to go with the original manufacturer’s suggested parts or an approved replacement that will not void your compressor’s warranty. Remember, even if the counterfeit parts do not damage your system internally, they can still damage your bottom line by reducing efficiency and productivity, and forcing you to purchase replacement parts more often. For more information about finding quality replacement compressors and parts, visit Compressors Unlimited today and speak with one of our compressor experts.


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