3 Things You Should Know About Trane Commercial Compressors

trane commercial compressor


With a history dating to 1885, Trane was one of the first companies in the world to define the modern refrigeration and air conditioning space. Founded by Norwegian immigrant James Trane, the roots of Trane reach back to La Crosse, Wisconsin.

James Trane was a plumber by trade but also a skilled engineer. While operating his pipe-fitting shop, he designed a remarkable low-pressure steam heating system. When his son Reuben completed studies in engineering at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, they were ready to go into business together.

By 1916, the Tranes entered the heating industry full-time.

Since then, the Trane brand has passed to various owners and parent companies. Its dedication to quality has helped it build a strong international reputation. Even when parent firms went under, Trane has still been sought after. Since the closure of Ingersoll Rand, it is independent once more.

There are plenty of sound reasons Trane is a go-to brand in the commercial compressor world.

Let’s look at three things you should know about Trane compressors when it’s time to buy.

1. Trane Is Heavily Involved in Environmental Conservation and Renewable Energy

At a time when almost everyone is looking for ways to reduce energy usage, Trane has pulled out ahead.

Trane compressor units are so energy efficient that the brand was chosen as the second generation leader for the Channel Tunnel (“Eurotunnel”) project linking the United Kingdom and France under the English Channel.

Without intensive cooling, passengers in Channel Tunnel trains would find themselves suffering from stifling temperatures throughout most of the journey. Cooling systems must run 24 hours a day to ensure comfort.

Trane technology replaced previous installations of competitor technology and achieved an energy efficiency gain of about 33%, estimated at enough to provide electricity for 1,000 households.

You don’t have to be running a project of astonishing scope and sophistication to see the benefits, either.

Trane compressors are some of the most energy-efficient on the market today. As most models are designed to be compatible with a range of modern refrigerants, large enterprises frequently use them in compliance plans for the ongoing HFC phase-out. The sooner you switch away from HFCs, the more you stand to save.

All in all, you could reduce your annual energy usage by 10% or more by switching to Trane.

2. Trane Compressors Are Compatible with Cutting Edge Building Management Systems

From grocery stores to meatpacking plants, many organizations use dozens of compressors.

When your facility has so many moving parts to keep track of, maintenance becomes much more challenging and time-consuming. But good maintenance is the key to maximizing the lifespan of your compressors so you can get the most ROI from your purchases. Building management gives you an automated overview.

Trane commercial compressors, HVAC, and refrigeration systems are compatible with their Tracer Ensemble and Tracer Synchrony building management systems. This gives you end-to-end visibility into the performance of all your major building equipment. You can get facts at a glance even across multiple properties.

With full mobile support, it’s easier than ever to oversee a fleet of compressors at several sites.

Trane smart thermostats are the perfect interface between your HVAC systems and your building management tools, enabling granular control over temperature and energy usage. Altogether, the performance data you get from using Trane compressors with all the perks will help you optimize maintenance and avoid breakdowns.

Trane is ideal if you are in an environment where:

  • Precision tweaks in energy utilization can save you money due to the scale of your operations
  • You are running multiple, always-on compressors in a setting where each one is mission critical

3. You Can Get Quality and Affordability with a Remanufactured Trane Compressor

Trane packs a tremendous amount of power into some of the most efficient compressor hardware. In general, Trane devices are known as reliable and easy to work with and service. Given the option, many organizations have chosen to field a fleet of Trane compressors for their largest and most valuable refrigeration systems.

Remanufacturing puts Trane quality within reach at scale.

A Trane remanufactured commercial compressor undergoes a rigorous and proven process to bring it up to the quality standards of an all-new Trane machine. Experienced compressor engineers fully disassemble the unit, making necessary replacements based on thorough inspection criteria.

Once updated, cleaned, and reassembled, the Trane unit is tested under load to demonstrate excellence.

Ready access to Trane commercial compressors at a discount of 20%, 30%, or even more can truly change how your cooling and refrigeration applications affect your budget in the future. In the event of an emergency, it’s easy to acquire remanufactured compressors in weeks rather than the months taken by OEM wholesalers.

Trane quality is a story a century in the making – but it can be yours now with remanufactured compressors.


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