3 Advantages of Choosing a Carlyle Compressor

When it comes to selecting a commercial compressor for demanding applications, it’s important to choose a brand you can trust. In many cases, a replacement compressor will need to follow the same brand as the one you are replacing, but occasional opportunities to switch do arise.

Commercial compressors need to operate within tight tolerances in demanding environments. Luckily, most companies that produce substandard compressors have gone out of business over the years. You should never purchase a compressor from a company whose reputation you aren’t sure of.

Here are some of the major concerns you want to have in mind:

  • The manufacturer’s history of quality
  • The suitability of the technology used
  • Accessibility of qualified technicians
  • Availability of compressor repair parts

The best compressor companies combine all of these traits to some degree, but there’s always one that will be the best choice in your situation. Carlyle is a compressor company many facilities managers and others have turned to when they have especially demanding needs for their systems.

Carlyle’s Reputation Makes It a Solid Choice for Most Commercial Compressor Needs

When you’re developing a short list of potential compressors, it’s wise to start with Carlyle models.

Carlyle is synonymous with commercial air conditioning. In fact, its story begins with one founder, Dr. Willis Carrier, creating the first-ever design resembling the modern air conditioning system. Achieved all the way back in 1902, this innovation set the company on a path to truly revolutionize indoor comfort.

Partner J. Irvine Lyle later lent his name to the company, resulting in Carlyle Compressors.

Today’s Carlyle compressors leverage the amazing dedication to innovation and continuous improvement that made them the compressors of choice at America’s cinemas, among the first businesses in the U.S. to deploy air conditioning. And the main benefactor of all that experience is the enterprise customer.

Carlyle is known for a wide range of reciprocating and screw compressors.

In recent years, it has developed unique loading features helping it to ensure superior performance even in difficult operating environments. Carlyle has also closely followed the industry trends towards lower environmental impact, reducing energy usage and saving enterprise customers money at the same time.

Carlyle stands out from its major competitors because it focuses its attention on the most challenging cooling needs in North America and worldwide. Among these are some of the best chillers for commercial buildings of all sizes and in any climate you care to name.

Carlyle’s energy efficiency can amount to many thousands or even millions of dollars in annual savings on your cost of ownership. Any building’s HVAC system is among its main energy consumers. Optimizing the compressor means the entire system can run more efficiently.

All in all, that leads to fewer power cycles and less runtime without sacrificing comfort.

Three Advantages of a Carlyle Compressor That Makes It Perfect for Demanding Applications

There are plenty of reasons to love Carlyle, but a few of them explain its soaring popularity.

Let’s take a closer look at the unique performance benefits of the Carlyle compressor:

Wide Range of Load Capacities

There’s no “one size fits all” solution in the design of Carlyle compressors. Carlyle compressor models are available in a wide and growing range of load capacities to fit any need, budget, and footprint. Its larger models are, pound for pound, among the most efficient you’ll find from any brand.

The largest Carlyle compressors are designed for up to 300 tons of capacity at full load, making them suitable for even the largest buildings and facilities. At Compressors Unlimited, each unit is thoroughly tested to ensure 100% results across the full spectrum of temperatures, from low to high.

Ideal for Specialized Cooling Needs

There are many temperature-sensitive environments where everything counts on consistent cooling. A brief cooling outage can slow down or damage servers in data centers and other mission critical assets. With Carlyle, you can rest assured temperatures will remain within the range you specify.

Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice the comfort and well-being of your personnel to make sure equipment will run smoothly. Carlyle compressors are among the quietest around, so they help personnel perform at their best. This also makes them versatile, since you can set them up virtually anywhere.

Works Well at Ultra-Low Temperatures

Food preparation, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and logistics all rely on ultra-low temperatures. These environments may require careful management of personnel and equipment in addition to the best HVAC system possible. In the compressor technology world, Carlyle excels within these sectors.

You can enjoy further value by choosing a remanufactured Carlyle compressor.

With a remanufactured commercial compressor, you get a unit that reaches all the original performance standards at a fraction of the price – and can even get it delivered to you weeks sooner than you would with an OEM-affiliated wholesaler.


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